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What’s the Top Motivator for Social Influencers When Working with Brands? Hint: It’s Not Money

Brand Alignment, brand core values, brand influencers, brand partnership, brands champions, content curators, Influencer marketing, influencer motivations, Marketing, outsourced marketing, partnership opportunity, Pr, Public relations, TapInfluencePurpose Matters, and a Significant Number of Influencers Say It’s Top Priority

It’s not unrealistic to think that influencers are motivated by money, and they surely are to a reasonable degree—but that’s not why many of them choose to work with the brands they champion. According to a refreshing new survey from influencer marketing platform TapInfluence, 42 percent of influencers say they feel that alignment with a brand’s core values is the number one most important factor when approached with a brand partnership opportunity.

“Some brands treat influencers as outsourced marketing, which loses the quality and power of what these incredible creators and curators of content can offer,” said Promise Phelon, TapInfluence CEO, in a news release. “Our study reinforced what we knew—brands that have strong affinity with consumers, work with influencers that align with their brand values and allow space for the influencer to create great content for their audience tend to be most successful with influencer marketing.”

A surprisingly low 11 percent of influencers polled stated that payment was the most important factor when establishing brand relationships. More than 87 percent of survey respondents cited that they’ve had long-lasting relationships with brands who understand the value of what they can provide. A mistake many brands make while working with influencers is neglecting to show influencers the value they see in the cyclical relationship.

Although money may not be the top driver when building relationships, money still talks—12.8 percent of those polled say that influencer marketing relationships make up 100 percent of their yearly income, and about a quarter of them said that money earned through influencer marketing makes up 5-10 percent of their annual income.

A few additional takeaways from the survey include:

  • 65% of influencers surveyed identified Instagram as the social platform with the biggest opportunity for growth
  • 75% of survey respondents report that photography is the most engaging avenue for activating their audiences with 36% stating their audience prefers video

Get more influencer insights from TapInfluence here.

Source: Business Wire; edited by Richard Carufel

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