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What Should PR Offer Today’s Journalists? Multimedia Releases, Live Streaming Apps, Online Newsrooms Play Big Roles in Coverage

Digital Communication Connecting Searching News ConceptIn a time when news article clicks are valued more highly by media outlets than the actual content produced, there are clear steps communicators can take to create stronger relationships with reporters to increase the opportunity for coverage of their company’s news, according to the results from the 2015 Business Wire Media Survey.

More than half of North American reporters use commercial newswires on a daily basis, looking for company-issued breaking news (75.3%), interesting story angles (72.1%) and supporting facts (68.8%). Journalists also look at trending industry topics (56.7%), quotable sources (50.7%) and company background information (51.2%) for additional story angles. More than 36% of respondents said they would be more likely to use a news release if it included multimedia elements such as photos, logos, audio and video files. Previous studies show that visuals stimulate increased click-through rates and 59% of journalists surveyed this year noted article clicks as their top success metric.

“In our second media survey, we look at the challenges facing today’s journalists and media outlets which will help define coverage in 2016,” said Scott Fedonchik, Business Wire’s vice president of marketing, in a news release. “The survey results also present a road map of best practices for communicators as it pertains to increasing coverage of their corporate news.”

Reporters today are becoming more technically savvy with video production (51.6%) and web services (44.7%) which are now considered a standard part of the job. While photo services continue to be a central tool in the reporting process, 47.1% of global media outlets see livestreaming apps such as Periscope, Meerkat and Facebook Live becoming more popular as a news reporting tool.

One of the biggest research platforms for today’s news reporters continues to be a company’s online newsroom. After search engine use, an organization’s corporate site (88.8%) and online newsroom (76.7%) are the foremost destinations for journalists researching an organization.

“While journalists have grown accustomed to finding news ideas everywhere, they expect to easily obtain all the research they need in a company’s online newsroom,” said Ibrey Woodall, Business Wire’s vice president of web communications services, in the release. “Online newsrooms need to act as a central communications center, housing press releases and multimedia, company-related news and brand articles, factsheets and public data.”

Download the complete survey here.

The report and analysis are from a Business Wire survey of more than 400 journalists who answered survey questions online July 8 – August 14.

The survey highlights media outlets’ continual need for:

  • Compelling multimedia-rich corporate news content
  • Social media shares, not social media pitches
  • Updated, responsive online newsrooms for media research

In addition survey highlights predictions related to the future of reporting, including:

  • Technical knowledge needed by reporters
  • The role of long form and short form news produced by platforms such as BuzzFeed and The New York Times
  • Reporters’ increased usage of interactive content and livestreaming

Source: Business Wire; edited by Richard Carufel

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