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Three Rings Inc. Expands Team and Grows Client List Since Its Launch in May

Three Rings Inc., a marketing and PR consultancy focused on the business-to-business (B2B) technology sector, announced strong growth since commencing operations in May. High-tech marketing and PR veterans Lisa Paglia and Doug Broad originally launched Three Rings with a single client. In just four months, the agency has grown to a roster of 12 clients in the B2B technology sector with a team of seven PR, marketing and graphic design professionals.

According to Paglia, Three Rings’ growth has been fueled by its “strategic-profiling” approach to PR and marketing. “Agencies in the B2B technology sector are still serving clients like it’s 1999—with siloed personnel pushing canned and often inconsistent messages down marketing and PR channels,” she said. “This creates a lot of noise, but no business momentum. In today’s multichannel world, you first need to build a strategic profile that makes your company interesting, in a way that advances your business. Then you need to build the messages around that profile and orchestrate outreach across all the right PR and marketing channels. With consistent execution, the profile establishes the brand.”

Top B2C technology companies like Apple, Google and Amazon have perfected the strategic-profile approach to marketing and PR, added Paglia. “Each of those companies cultivated a strategic profile and then relentlessly drove it into the marketplace. We’re bringing the same approach to the B2B technology sector,” she said. “It really is a requirement for breaking through the cacophony of ‘me too’ marketing noise today.”

Three Rings has developed and implemented strategic-profile programs for multiple clients, providing comprehensive services ranging from initial creative concept straight through to content development and program execution. “In just three weeks’ time, Three Rings reinvented our company’s profile so now we are truly differentiated from the rest of our market,” said Alin Srivastava, president of Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA). “The best part about it is, we’ve only just begun. We’ll be working with Three Rings in the months ahead to drive our messages into the marketplace and become a major player in our space.”

Three Rings has created a strategic profile for ATA focused on the cybersecurity alert overload problem. The first platform for building the profile is themed “End Alert Tyranny” and is in the early stages of execution with an integrated public relations, social media and content marketing campaign. ATA is an excellent example of how Three Rings’ broad range of services and expertise can provide clients with a turnkey outsourced solution for PR and marketing success.

“From startups to stalwarts, Three Rings’ combination of deep technology, business, marketing and communications expertise enables us to develop ideas and programs that drive business results for our clients,” Broad said. “We’ve also developed a flexible business model that enables clients to tap into different service areas as they need them. While the traditional agency model traps clients into silos of transactional services, Three Rings enables clients to take a more strategic approach to the partnership and engage the exact services they need, when they need them. This is how we deliver a much greater return on investment than is possible with traditional agencies.”

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