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Thinking Beyond the Brand: New Study Reveals 93% of Respondents Say Prizes Are Important Factors in Brand Engagement

Brand engagement, brand promotions, Carles Bonfill, consumer participation, Easypromos, Marketing, online sweepstakes, photo contest, Pr, promotional prizes, Public relations, social media promotions, thinking beyond the brandSocial media promotions firm Easypromos this week announced the results of its Digital Promotions Prize Survey, new research aiming to shed light on the role of prizes in converting visitors to participants in a promotion such as a sweepstakes, photo contest, quiz or trivia contest—as well as the types of prizes which are best at driving consumer participation and engagement. The results of the survey not only underscore what the industry already believed—that prizes drive participation—but also unearth the most popular prizes, and why certain prizes may be more effective than others.

Key findings, illustrated in the firm’s infographic below, include:

  • Prizes matter: Not surprisingly, 48% of consumers noted that the prize was the most important element in participation; with 45% stating it is a major deciding factor
  • Brands are less important: 82% of respondents stated that liking the prize was more important than the brand of the prize, with only 18% stating the brand would drive participation
  • Shared experiences win: 25% noted they would be more likely to engage in a promotion which awards prizes that can be shared with others, with 29% of respondents saying their preferred prizes were tickets and experiences like trips or dinners.
  • Technology gadgets and other “just for me prizes” also popular: Tech gadgets were also high on the list with 17% of consumers listing them as compelling, with other prizes like health and beauty enticing 11% of respondents to participating in a promotion.

“What these results prove is the importance of thinking ‘beyond the brand’ when choosing a prize,” said Carles Bonfill, co-founder and CEO of Easypromos, in a news release. “Consider your audience and tailor the prize that aligns with their interests. Not every prospective buyer is interested in winning your products. Further, not every ‘hot brand’ or latest tech gadget is compelling for everyone. Think about your target audience and choose a prize as a tool to start a dialogue. Consumers who feel you understand their interests will be open to considering your services and products later.”

According to the results, convenience was also a critical deciding factor in driving participation in a digital promotion, meaning it should not be difficult to obtain from the promoter or use, while the cost of a prize ranked low on importance. Only seven percent of consumers said a coupon would entice them to participate in a digital promotion.

“While picking the right prize is definitely key to converting visitors to participants in a digital promotion, it is not the only element. Marketers need to also ensure the promotion uses ‘best practices’ such as including a beautiful and responsive design, utilizing the best language to introduce the prize and promotion, support every device and channel to make it easy for participants, and support the promotion with reliable, secure technology,” said Bonfill, who points to a recent blog which offers tips and insights to readers on presenting promotions to prospective participants.

The survey evaluated responses from more than 1700 consumers across Europe and the U.S. during the months of February and March, 2016.

Source: PRWeb; edited by Richard Carufel

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