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The Content Conundrum: Too Many Comms Pros Focus on Frequency—While Quality Takes a Back Seat

Pr, Marketing, Content marketing, Public relations, SEO, Digital Communications, Clutch, search rankings, content quality, content demand, online visibility, content marketing goals, content conundrumWhen It Comes to SEO, Many Are Confused About How Much is Too Much

Digital communications is a 24/7 endeavor and, as the cornerstone of these initiatives, content demand is at an all-time high. But simply posting a lot of content without paying more attention to its consistent quality is the wrong approach for content marketers, new research from B2B research, ratings and reviews platform Clutch confirms.

Nearly 80% of content marketers say that increasing their company’s online visibility is their primary content marketing goal—but there is still confusion over how much content is too much and when quality is more important than quantity. To help define this issue and clarify how online visibility is directly connected to SEO, the firm created a comprehensive guide that explains how to do content marketing for SEO.

“As far as SEO goes, without content there are no rankings—and there is no opportunity to appear in results,” said Rand Fishkin, founder of SEO software company Moz, in a news release. “[Content marketing and SEO] are two practices that very much need each other.”

Using content to rank on the first page of Google requires paying attention to the quality of the content you produce. It needs to be “10x better than anything [you] can find in the search results today,” Fishkin told Clutch, according to the release.

Nearly all content marketers say they want to improve their company’s content, according to the study findings. In addition, optimizing content for access across multiple devices (26%), creating more original content (24%) and including more visual elements (21%) are top priorities.

But as the survey reveals, creating content to complement SEO efforts also requires careful consideration of the specific content formats you produce.

The survey explored the types of content businesses produce in order to support three goals: brand awareness, SEO and lead generation. It found that companies that focus on brand awareness tend to create infographics (19%) and product reviews (18%), while those focused on SEO and lead generation are most likely to produce research/original data (21%) and infographics (14%).

separate study conducted by Moz and Buzzsumo and referenced in the Clutch guide, however, presents evidence to suggest that content marketers’ reliance on infographics should be reevaluated. The justification is that content that earns social shares typically is formatted for entertainment—list posts, videos, quizzes—while content that gets links and earned media is more informative (i.e., research-backed articles and opinion-forming journalism).

“The age of infographics is dying, and most of them are quite bad,” Fishkin said. “The ones that have success do so in a slightly manipulative way. The embed gets linked back with very particular anchor texts that take advantage of search algorithms.”

The Clutch ‘how to’ guide also outlines a process for analyzing content quality and comprehensiveness, and offers six recommendations for using content to do SEO better. Read Clutch’s complete content marketing guide here.

Source: PR Newswire; edited by Richard Carufel

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