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Tartaglia Communications Selected by to Promote Its Education Mission

Tartaglia Communications is now working with to promote the not-for-profit’s mission of alleviating health disparities among African American and Hispanic individuals in New York City through research, education, and outreach.

Malhaar Agrawal, the founder of is an award-winning teen who attends high school in the Bronx. Through his organization, he hosts workshops and organizes forums to share public health research with over 2,500 students, educators, cancer survivors and healthcare professionals in New York—in order to motivate youth of color to understand the urgency of health disparities and spread it to their communities and ultimately save lives.

“It is very exciting and a great honor for us to be selected by to promote their important work,” says Sheila Tartaglia, president, Tartaglia Communications. “We look forward to making both the news media and the public aware of the innovative approach that Malhaar is taking to reach out to schools, community centers, healthcare facilities, houses of worship—and even to policymakers in New York—in order to change minority communities’ health outcomes for the better.”

Malhaar became inspired to engage with the health disparities crisis after being accepted for an internship last year at State University of New York (SUNY) Downstate Medical Center’s Brooklyn Health Disparities Center (BHDC), “I learned that racial and ethnic minority groups, both in New York City and nationally, experience poorer health and shorter life expectancies compared to white counterparts,” says Malhaar. “Speaking to the youth in communities of color like my own, I hope to begin encouraging others to choose healthy lifestyle options, in order to avoid sickness and disease later in life.”

Malhaar’s work has led to important changes in the communities that he has visited. After one of his presentations, students at The Kingsbridge Heights Community Center in the South Bronx petitioned to add organic and healthy meals, as well as fruits and vegetables, to their cafeteria and vending machines.

Among Malhaar’s current projects is a summer internship he is running through New York-Presbyterian Hospital’s Lang Youth Medical Program.  He is assisting the students in conducting research on health disparities, which they will present in their communities, multiplying the impact of Malhaar’s work.

“The positive change I would like to bring to my community is to empower minority students to grasp the urgency of health disparities threatening our lives, and to serve as leaders in bringing social equality to their community, too,” explains Malhaar. “I want to spark a passion in public health, and extend this message to school curriculums, public policy and treatment guidelines to positively impact the health of the next generation.”

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