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Taking Advantage of Micro-Moments with Affiliate Marketing

Hanna Fritzinger By Hanna Fritzinger, Head of Marketing, VigLink

Moment marketing is nothing new. In fact, it’s been around for years in numerous formats. This has resulted in many definitions. To some, moment marketing just means personalized communication that hits people on a daily basis. To others, moment marketing is when a consumer turns to a mobile phone to get information or take an action in the moment, in real time. And of course, like everything, moment marketing is evolving.

Micro-moments are a byproduct of this evolution. We all know that people turn to their mobile phones the exact moment they want more information on something. This video by Google shows it perfectly. If you’re shoveling snow you might grab your phone and search “Mexico beach vacation,”  if you’re cramming all of your kids’ stuff into the back of a small sedan, your next search might be for an SUV such as an “acura rdx.”  It really boils down to that, at any moment, people could be turning to their phone and searching for something relevant to your brand. Are you showing up with the right information at that exact moment?

Today there are some 30 billion moment marketing opportunities. One industry that’s taking advantage of technology to harness moment marketing opportunities is affiliate. At its core, affiliate marketing is a performance channel that is often paid on a cost-per-sale basis. Most brands get started with affiliate marketing by signing up with an affiliate network such as LinkShare or Commission Junction or subaffiliate networks such as VigLink. Once signed up, merchants set a commission rate to reach a larger audience by promoting their affiliate programs in hopes that publishers will link to their landing pages within their content.  Affiliate is tapping into the value of moment marketing by inserting links at the time of page load and ensuring that brands are present at the right place and at the right time.  This is powerful by connecting consumers to products, subscriptions, events, travel destinations and more at the moment they peruse Twitter, browse a forum, or read a blog post.

There are a number of different ways that a merchant’s links can be monetized within a publisher’s content. In some cases the publisher has decided to insert a monetized link to a predetermined destination on a specific keyword. At other times, publishers choose a setting to have links programmatically inserted on commercial terms on their page. These publishers often see their revenue double.  There are different determining factors as to what links appear once a page has loaded, all of which make the user’s experience more tailored. Two ways marketers can take advantage of the value moment and affiliate marketing offers  is through link optimization and geotargeting.

  • Link optimization is a real-time auction for links to substitutable products: those sold at multiple retailers. Optimized links mean publishers earn more from their content, retailers can recruit high-intent traffic and customers, and readers land in a storefront where they are more likely to convert, improving overall user experience. The optimization of existing links happens seamlessly when a link to an identical product is directed to the highest converting retailer willing to pay the publisher more for the traffic.
  • Affiliate links also have the capability to be geotargeted. This makes for an enhanced visitor experience by ensuring that readers are sent to the merchant site that correlates with their geographic location. This will also improve conversion rates and revenue.

By tailoring each inserted link to the consumer clicking on it, affiliate links help brands take advantage of the many micro-moments that occur every day. Affiliate links connect people to what they want to find instantaneously, benefiting consumers, publishers, and merchants alike.

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