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Swordfish Communications Offers Free Service to Retailers Selling the Controversial Handgun iPhone Case

Swordfish Communications, a full-service South Jersey public relations agency, has announced it will offer free services to any retailer presently selling a controversial iPhone case that looks like a realistic handgun. But there’s a catch: they will have to stop selling it.

The Gun Grip Case, which can easily be confused with a real gun, has generated concern from law enforcement and county prosecutors who fear an innocent person will be mistakenly shot by police. The case, with a lifelike handle, trigger and trigger guard, is designed to slip into a waistband like a real gun. It even makes the sound of a gun firing when the “trigger” is pulled.

“This was a misguided idea from the start, and it’s not a matter of if someone will get killed, but when. Retailers who are currently selling these need to stop, and we’ll reward them by providing some free PR service, starting with announcing that they’ve discontinued sales of the product,” said Swordfish founder Gary Frisch.

He adds that the offer of free service applies to any retailer, from mom-and-pops to online sellers to chain stores.

“Somehow, some retailers thought this was just another gimmicky product,” he said.  “This is a great opportunity to rethink that choice, generate positive publicity by doing so, and possibly save lives.”

Founded in 2007, Swordfish Communications is a full-service public relations agency specializing in clients in the consumer goods, food and beverage, technology, recreation, aviation, and professional services industries.  For more information, call 856-767-7772 or visit

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