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Sway Group builds massive engagement to win Bulldog Bronze

Sway Group
Best Online/Social Media Community of the Year
“Massive Engagement From Massive Sway Community”

Massive Sway, Sway, Communications, Public Relations The Massive Sway community of bloggers, powered by The SITS Girls (a long-standing acronym that represents The Secret To Success Is Support) maintains a simple objective: to create an educational space where bloggers can learn from their colleagues and share best practices to grow their audience and connect with relevant brands for sponsored content. The community began as and remains an expert resource for both those new to blogging and veteran bloggers interested in learning everything they can about social media and monetizing their posts.

When Sway Group, a management agency for bloggers and social media influencers, acquired The SITS Girls in January 2014, the audience reach and engagement of the community was put in the spotlight. Resources were dedicated to building the 75,000 strong extended network of bloggers, coined the Massive Sway community.


  • Elevate the Massive Sway profile by demonstrating its leadership position as an expert resource for bloggers.
  • Showcase the breadth and depth of the Massive Sway community, with unparalleled reach and weekly paid blogging opportunities.
  • Highlight Sway Group’s noteworthy Massive Sway bloggers and corresponding successful campaigns, emphasizing the company’s capabilities and legacy of delivering results.


The sits girls, sits girls, communicationsWith an existing contingent of bloggers, Massive Sway recognized their strength with easily accessible, abundant content. By creating new and expanding existing social media channels, content generated by the bloggers could be shared to new targets in order to grow audience numbers. A private Facebook group was created, along with a newsletter and comprehensive schedule to maximize engagement on social media channels.


  • Share meaningful original content from blogger network.
  • Incorporate topical themes and encourage community feedback.
  • Give kudos to bloggers in-network for compelling content and campaigns.
  • Utilize general hashtags to draw in new followers.
  • Post original photos focusing on cooking/crafting/decorating, food, and inspirational quotes.

Massive SwayIn the span of eight months, the Facebook fan page added more than 10,000 new fans and more than 5,000 members joined the newly established, private Facebook group. The newsletter gained more than 30,000 new subscribers, totaling 75,000 members and maintains a 30.4 percent open rate, with a 8.4 percent click through rate (as compared to the industry average open rate of 16.78 percent). Page views on the website grew by 50,000 to reach 198,394 page views and 156,358 UMVs. In addition, Massive Sway’s portal for influencers (known as iSway), which allows community members to register for sponsored post opportunities, added approximately 2,500 new members.

With the expansion of the Massive Sway community, Sway Group has grown into an unparalleled source of opportunities for brands looking to work with online publishers, including targeting capabilities and the ability to drill down by region, demographic, content vertical, and social network.

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