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Study Reveals Expensive Training Programs Fail to Tap the Prime Source of Company Knowledge—Employees

employee knowledge, employee-generated content, informed workers, knowledge transfer, learning management systems, Marketing, Najette Fellache, Pr, Public relations, speachme, training programs, User-generated contentTraditional learning management systems aren’t tapping into the best resource available to companies: their employees, according to a new survey from skills and knowledge transfer platform speachme—and this means that when employees leave, so does their valuable knowledge.

Most traditional training programs are not designed to capture and share knowledge from within the ranks of the workforce. In fact, nearly half (47%) of employees agree that they could create better employee training content themselves compared to the training they are provided, yet 58 percent are not provided tools to generate their own educational content.

Through the survey of more than 500 full-time employees at companies with 500 or more employees, the study explores contemporary employee training programs, uncovering what employees really want from training, and how they prefer to learn. In addition to confirming that knowledge walks out the door with employees, the survey reveals that employees want to be recognized for their skills and expertise in ways other than compensation—in fact, one in four employees surveyed want to be recognized by receiving more responsibility and/or the opportunity to train others.

Additional key findings in the report, The Untapped Training Resource: Employees, include:

  • 82% of employees share important information in person to their colleagues, which means that information is not being formally captured
  • 68% of employees have not been trained by the individual they were replacing
  • Almost half (49%) of employees have never trained someone taking over their position
  • 61% of employees have had a colleague leave the company with knowledge or skills that were not documented
  • 64% learn more effectively when training utilizes multi-media technology and can be self-directed
  • 2 out of 5 employees have not seen their company trainings change or improve during their time at their company

“Today’s top-down approach to training is not effectively addressing the need to capture and transfer knowledge among peers,” said speachme CEO Najette Fellache, in a news release. “We live in an age of user-generated content, but training programs are not tapping the opportunity for employee-generated content. The insights we gained from today’s workers shows that a bottom-up approach to capturing critical skills and knowledge that employees hold and transferring to others can benefit not just companies’ knowledge base, but better informed workers.”

Download the full report here.

Source: PRWeb; edited by Richard Carufel

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