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Ronn Torossian: These 3 Emmy Losers Blew Their Chance in the Spotlight

The Emmy Awards are the annual celebration of television. They are a time when TV stars are celebrated for their accomplishments both on and off the screen. Though the ceremony is mainly about awarding the best in television from the past year, there is a lot more that goes on during the course of awards. Many people focus on the winners, but Ronn Torossian says that the losers make just as much impact, especially those who blew their chance in the spotlight.

The PR from losing could affect some of the shows on TV as well as the actors for the upcoming season of primetime television. One of the biggest surprises of the night involved Netflix. The streaming champion has received a lot of acclaim for its original series, but did not win any awards on Emmy night. Shows such as House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and Derek were all nominated but did not take home a single award. Many people assume Netflix is just a streaming service struggling to enter the world of big television. An Emmy would have helped the Internet-based company make more of a name for itself and gain more recognition for shows that are not broadcast through traditional means.

New shows, such as Veep, suffered a surprising lack of recognition during the awards ceremony. Veep was nominated for best comedy series, but was beaten by Modern Family. Modern Family has won in this category for the past five years. This has led many people to speculate that the voting process at the Emmy’s is outdated. Veep and other new shows need to find some other way to stand out and separate themselves from the crowd if they are going to find lasting popularity and success.

Downtown Abbey is one of the losers from the night that people saw coming. The show was nominated for Best Drama and lost to Breaking Bad. Despite its initial popularity, Downton Abbey has seen a recent decline, and an Emmy would have been just the thing to revitalize the series.

The winners of awards show are remembered for a while and are also rewarded with new viewership. The losers that blew their chance in the spotlight, however, often fade into anonymity.

The author is a NYC resident – and author & entrepreneur. 

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