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Retail-Marketing Insights: More Than Half of Americans Engage in “Retail Therapy” — 4 Out of 10 Men and Nearly Two Thirds of Women Shop to Improve Their Mood, A leader in online cash back shopping, recently announced results from its Retail Therapy survey that found more than half (51.8%) of Americans shop and spend money to improve their mood, including 63.9% of women and 39.8% of men. One out of three (39.2%) American women believe retail therapy improves a person’s mood compared to one out of five (20.6%) American men.

The national survey conducted online by TNS Global on behalf of in March 2013 among 1,000 adults discovered that the number one item women buy when indulging in retail therapy is clothes (57.9%). However, the number one item American men buy when indulging in retail therapy is food (28.1%).

Food (34.7%) ranked second on the list of what women buy in an effort to improve their mood, followed by shoes (32.4%), accessories (29.1%) and books/magazines (28.7%). Electronics came in second among men, followed by music/movies, clothes and games/toys.


What triggers participants in retail therapy to shop? One out of five (18.9%) Americans engage in retail therapy to improve their mood after a bad day at work, followed by 14.6% who engage after bad news and 12.2% who engage after a fight with a significant other.

"Our survey confirms that shopping truly is ‘therapy’ for many people, and can help raise one’s spirits after a bad day. Online shopping makes this pick-me-up only a couple of clicks away," said CEO, Kevin H. Johnson, in a news release. "

The survey also shows that getting a deal makes as many as 80.7% of Americans feel best when indulging in retail therapy. Of that percentage, shopping during a sale is the most popular (61.8%), followed by receiving a reward (i.e. cash back, gift card, etc.) (49.4%) free shipping (45.0%) and using coupons (44.6%). Additionally, more than half (66.6%) of Americans think online shopping provides better retail therapy, than physical shopping — and for the following reasons:

  • 43.7% Don’t have to leave the house
  • 42.6% More convenient
  • 37.9% Don’t have to drive
  • 30.8% Wider range of stores to browse
  • 25.7% Don’t have to lug purchases home
  • 22.2% It’s immediate
  • 13.1% Don’t have to have anyone see what I bought

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