Quashing Cart Abandonment: Shopper Patience & Loyalty Are Tightly Tied to Convenience & Personalization

Customize Button on Old Typewriter.Consumers Frustrated w/ Irrelevant Recommendations—& 7 in 10 Will Go Elsewhere

Online retailers are facing steep challenges in today’s ultra-competitive e-commerce arena, and new research reveals some of the biggest obstacles they must overcome. Lack of personalization, irrelevant product recommendations and other online shopping deal breakers prompt nearly 70% of online shoppers to abandon the shopping experience, according to a new study from AI-powered retail prediction platform Jetlore, Add to Cart: The Deal Makers and Deal Breakers of the Online Shopping Experience.

“As more commerce is shifting online, it is imperative that retailers improve the product discovery process and improve the overall shopping experience,” said Eldar Sadikov, CEO of Jetlore, in a news release. “Retailers [need to] maximize product discovery by empowering traditional editorial curation with AI-driven predictions, increasing conversions and revenue performance across email, web and mobile channels.”

Key findings of the survey include:

  • Shoppers love shopping in their pajamas: 62% of shoppers preferring to shop online at least half of the time
  • Shoppers prefer convenience and selection as top reasons for buying online: Over 50% of shoppers enjoy the larger inventory of products available online and over 64% enjoying the convenience of buying anytime from anywhere
  • Shoppers deplore sites that do not remember them or their preferences: 86% of shoppers report lack of personalization and identification as their number one online shopping deal breaker
  • Shoppers have limited patience for finding the products they want online: Over 40% of shoppers are only willing to scroll two pages before giving up and abandoning the site
  • Shoppers are insistent when it comes to the product attributes they desire: 69% will abandon an ecommerce experience if they’re provided irrelevant product recommendations
  • Shoppers develop positive brand impressions of retailers that deliver relevant products quickly: Two in five shoppers are more likely to make a purchase if provided relevant product recommendations

Download the complete report here.

Jetlore conducted the survey in early 2017, interviewing 750 shoppers that fell within the key demographic of online shoppers ages 18-56.

Source: PR Newswire; edited by Richard Carufel

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