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PR Tools: CrisisResponsePro Introduces Multi-Brand Functionality To Its Crisis Communications Software

CrisisResponsePro, cloud-based collaborative software that brings the crisis management team together and provides tools, templates and resources for more effective communications response, announced the availability of multi-brand functionality that brings a new level of personalization to the landmark web and mobile platform.

The new feature is designed to allow public relations firms, public affairs firms, law firms and other outside consultants to brand their secure crisis portal with their own identity, their client’s identity, or any other combination desired. A public relations firm, for example, might brand CrisisResponsePro with their own look and feel, but also offer a branded CrisisResponsePro solution to their own clients, who would see their company’s logo and colors when collaborating in secure Virtual WorkRooms set up for a crisis or issue.

“Flexibility and ease-of-use are the hallmarks of CrisisResponsePro,” said Jim Haggerty, founder and CEO of the software company. “With our new feature, PR firms, law firms and other service providers can brand their own CrisisResponsePro portal, then offer client-specific branding for particular WorkRooms as needed.”

“We can have you up-and-running today, and your clients seamlessly added immediately,” Haggerty said. “It’s all browser-based and accessible via smartphone and tablet—there’s nothing to download and no disruption to your existing IT infrastructure. All it takes is a logo and other identity standards, and our CrisisResponsePro client service representatives do the rest.”

“CrisisResponsePro can also bill a firm’s clients, or bill the PR, law or consulting firm directly, so they can pass along the costs to their clients in the manner most appropriate to the relationship,” Haggerty added.

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