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PR Pros as Compelling Content Providers in 2017

content creation, content distribution, Content marketing, content providers, Courtney Lukitsch, Gotham PR, Marketing, Pr, PR branding, PR content, PR pros, PR storytelling, Public relationsBy Courtney Lukitsch, Founder, Gotham PR

We are in the midst of transformation within the PR industry globally, where leading practitioners are not just a brand’s primary storyteller and distiller of data—but essential business drivers through compelling content creation and distribution.

As recently documented in the New York Observer ranking of top PR firms, the smarter leaders in our industry underscore the importance of working smarter and harder on behalf of our clients. This is because clients aren’t just choosing specializations anymore, they’re choosing people. Maria Salzman, CEO of Havas PR, states that “more than ever, agencies—and clients—are blurring the lines between public relations, marketing, content creation and branding.”

This means approaching PR in a multidisciplinary manner: combining positioning, brand strategy, media training, editorial, SEO, events and business development practices into seamless quarterly and annual marketing plans. This serves as a guide to understanding connection, behavioral and communication trends.

A prescient insight via Harvard Business Review advises to segment goals and related results into Business quarters. The article mentions that “it’s even better if you make your planning cycle more frequent, so you can adapt to changed circumstances.” That way, you can avoid changing realizations as to what short-term goals may have sounded attainable or beneficial at the time. With intense focus, objectives may be meted out and met in the near term, minus detours or distractions.

In 2017 fact based content, data and company mission assume the forefront, as journalism and web based news continue to proliferate and evolve.

Captured in “manifesto” format in the Drum, a top Ketchum executive notes that as PR leaders we must be diligent about promoting substantive news to drive meaningful awareness. There are more PR professionals than reporters in any time within the history of our industry, and the news cycle is hyper accelerated.

Stephen Waddington touches on how easy it is to get caught in a “media bubble.” Facebook newsfeeds are the number one offense; being that it is based on your network, your “likes” and what or who you follow, you will be served versions of just that. It creates the false illusion that the things you are reading are aligned with your point of view. It is encouraged to go beyond Facebook and explore all sides of any argument or debate.

Bearing in mind that we strive to cultivate new talent, impart values and promote new practices and platforms, it is important to recognize the significance of social, digital and content media, as explored by PR Daily and Harvard Business Review. It is time for us to break outside of the norm, adapt new methods, evolve and move forward.

By planning ahead and harnessing new technologies, strategies, networks, multidisciplinary practices and quantifiable reporting formats—PR will effectively lead the global business change in 2017.

This article is contributed by Courtney Lukitsch, Founder of Gotham PR, a boutique Marketing PR Agency in New York and London. Specialized in design and development, retail and technology, the firm celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2017.

With a global client roster in 25 world cities, Gotham PR will also publish a book on mentoring and coaching, featuring years of collected client and agency success stories.

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