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Length of PR career (so far): 8 years (but all together with my media experience over 20 years)

Your most memorable campaign: I have worked on many memorable campaigns throughout my years in PR, but the one that was the most amazing to me was Hotel Thrillist Miami. We flew 150 journalists, influencers, sweepstakes winners and our best clients for a press junket to Miami for a 48hours party tour. It was the most stressful and fun event I have ever had to put together and get coverage for. People still talk about it 5 years later!

Most poignant professional moment: I have to go back to my journalistic experience of 9-11 when I understood that life as we knew it would never be the same.

center-for-comm-panelFavorite journalist to work with: Jason Del Rey, from Recode—he always takes the time to give me honest feedback.

Number of 2 a.m. calls from a client this month: None, but they happen because I work in different time zones.

Biggest complaint about social media: I like social media but clients don’t realize it’s a full time job and don’t take it seriously.

Best thing about working at your agency: We don’t work with many clients at the time, so we can really focus on the needs of our clients and get them the best advice possible.

Last time you didn’t do any work all weekend: I usually don’t need to work on weekends unless there is a major deadline for a launch.

Flavie Pagnol, flaviebprMost misunderstood thing about PR: Not everything can get media traction—many companies pay a lot of money for media placements and clients don’t necessarily understand the different between earned and paid media.

Most outrageous client request: After a great timely segment booked on the Today Show a client asked me to be booked on all the morning and syndicated shows!

Number of meetings you were in last week: 4

Your nightmare client in 3 words: A client telling me “I am not available”

Rate your math skills from 1-10: -1

What got you interested in a PR career? I was very lucky to start my PR carrier working for Thrillist Media Group and their founders Ben Lerer and Adam Rich. They took a chance with me as I was leaving CBS News the “Early Show” at that time and I was not thinking about PR, but they had so much passion in what they were doing, that they convinced me to share their passion with the world. It was really a great match, a lot of hard work and fun times.

Most interesting thing about your job: I get to meet very talented, smart and passionate people who share with me their unique story. It’s up to me to find the right way to tell the story and share it with the right people. It’s really creative.

Best advice to a PR student: Work hard, be passionate, take risks and remember that the sky is the limit.Flavie Pagnol, flaviebpr

What do you read daily? Twitter is my biggest source of information, every morning I read the newsletter Need2Know from my friend Jill Wagner, The Broadsheet, Techcrunch, Recode, I love to read the NYT online, Le Parisien and Apartment Therapy and, once a week, The Week.

Favorite way to de-stress: When in New York, a long run in Central Park. When in Paris, walking around the Champs de Mars.

The moment you realized PR is more important than you thought it would be: Being the rep at an event with a major crisis in a foreign country and making quick decisions that could have life-threatening consequences.

Worst PR crisis in the news in 2016: Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton

Brand that does the best PR: Casper—I am very proud of my friend Lindsay Kaplan who is in charge of their team.

Flavie Pagnol, flaviebprBrand most in need of better PR: I will say it’s not one brand but an industry as a whole. The pet industry is in dire need of PR. A $60 billion industry and very few great people being put forward in the press and especially in business news.

Favorite non-work hobby: Running and taking long walks with my family.

Last book you read: The Girl on the Train, reading now A Gentleman In Moscow

Cocktail of choice: Grey Goose on the rocks with a twist

Favorite movie in 2016: The Jungle Book

Your first “real” job: Desk assistant at CBS News

Childhood “dream job”: TV Producer

Three people you’d love to invite to dinner: Trump, Obama and Ban Ki Moon (all at the same time)

Your next big adventure: I am always living an adventure

Your ideal Saturday: We live between NY and Paris, so my Saturdays can go two ways! Getting up early, going for a run in Central Park, having breakfast at the boat house with my doggy friend group, coming back home and reading the paper version of the NYT (I love the Real Estate Section), take a nap, and go for a walk in the city. In Paris, the same thing but we usually have breakfast at home and go for a walk with my daughter, my husband and our two dogs in the various beautiful parks around Paris.

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