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PR PROfiles: Ashley Bernardi, Nardi Media

Ashley BernardiAshley Bernardi

Founder & Publicity Director, Nardi Media

Length of PR career (so far): 4 years

Your most memorable campaign: My first campaign for Nardi Media was my most memorable. It was with an author as he launched his new book, and within three months, I booked him on over 50 national and local TV, radio, and podcasts. That campaign jump-started the momentum that Nardi Media still thrives on today!

Most poignant professional moment: In my television news career, it was covering the Virginia Tech massacre on-site. I would get back my hotel room after working a 14-15-hour day and speaking to victims and family members, and just sob. It was gut-wrenching.

Number of 2 a.m. calls from a client this month: 0. Though, I do get 2 a.m. emails since clients are in different time zones, which I don’t mind at all.

Ashley BernardiBiggest complaint about social media: It’s 24/7. I could work 24/7 because of it.

Best thing about working at your agency: We are all former news journalists and TV producers. It is a prerequisite for working at Nardi Media, and I truly believe our experience as producers and journalists is the reason behind our success and track record for media placements for our clients. We have a deep, passion-driven understanding for how the news works and that experience translates to the dedication to our clients.

Last time you didn’t do any work all weekend: I can’t remember a time when I went away and didn’t work. True story: The day after I delivered my 3rd child, I was on the phone from my hospital bed coordinating an interview for NBC Nightly News. I never stop.

Ashley BernardiMost misunderstood thing about PR: People often ask, “So what do you do?”. I think there is a big misconception about what PR is, especially what media relations is. My short answer is: “I brainstorm news pegs and stories to pitch to the media, I write press advisories and pitches, call TV and radio stations and get people booked for interviews and placed in the mediaI media train people and teach them how to best communicate their message in an interview format.” But I also feel it is SO much more than that, too, as any PR professional will tell you. I have to pinch myself daily because it is so fun! I’m in my dream job!

What got you interested in a PR career? When I was a TV producer, I would often hear from many former TV producers who had crossed over to the “other side”, i.e. PR. I was intrigued and always knew I wanted to try it. So, when the TV show I worked for was cancelled after a successful four-year run, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to make the jump to the PR. I love that I can still have my hand in journalism on a daily basis.

Ashley BernardiMost interesting thing about your job: The clients I get to work with. I learn so much from them. They are all trailblazing changemakers who have positively impacted my life on a personal level, which is why I have so much fun pitching them to the media and helping them take their message mainstream. I believe the general public has so much to learn from each of them!

Rate your math skills from 1-10: I defer all my math skills to my husband, a math genius. So, a 10. That counts, right?

Best advice to a PR student: Indulge in an deep learning experience and understanding with the how media works. Study media trends. Actually watch and read the news, so you can get to know which news outlets, reporters, and producers cover which types of stories. Intern at a local newspaper or TV station. There is so much value in learning the environment in which you will one day be pitching your clients.

What do you read daily? News. Constantly. All day. But I always start with my hard copy of The Washington Post.

Favorite way to de-stress: Breathing. Simple and always effective. I learned that from one of my clients, Dr. Emma Seppala!

Ashley BernardiThe moment you realized PR is more fun than you thought it would be: PR is fun for me every day. Probably the first time I thought PR was more fun than I had anticipated was when I booked the “TODAY Show” just a few months after beginning my PR career. It was so much fun to be a part of the experience, and to also feel like being a TV producer again.

Favorite non-work hobby: Hanging with my hubby and three kids. And yoga.

Last book you read: The Desire Map: A Guide To Creating Goals With Soul by Danielle LaPorte. I listened to it on Audible.

Favorite movie this year: Moana. This comes with the territory of having three daughters.

Childhood “dream job”: A meteorologist. I was obsessed with the weather and would watch the weather channel for fun. Constantly.

Three people you’d love to invite to dinner: Bono. Oprah. Michael Flatley. I’m a sucker for Irish dance and have had a crush on Flatley since I was a kid.

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