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PR PROfile: Matt Kovacs, BLAZE PR

Matt Kovacs
BLAZE PR (Santa Monica, Calif.)

Length of PR career (so far): 19 years

Your most memorable campaign: Easton Hockey “Synergy” Stick launch

Best thing about working at your agency: Connection with Davies Public Affairs (parent company)

Last time you didn’t do any work all weekend: 1999

Most misunderstood thing about PR: When people think we do the ads on TV  

What got you interested in a PR career? Creativity and storytelling

Most interesting thing about your job: Working with a variety of clients to build their brands

Number of meetings you were in last week: Nine

Your nightmare client in 3 words: Unresponsive; can’t make a decision; afraid

Rate your math skills from 1-10: 7

Best advice to a PR student

  • Always work on your writing skills
  • Network as much as you can
  • Don’t hide behind email, learn to use the phone!

Favorite way to de-stress: Take my dog for a walk

Worst PR crisis in the news this year so far: Brian Williams/NBC News

Brand that does the best PR: ESPN

Brand most in need of better PR: New York Yankees

Favorite non-work hobby: Spending quality time with my daughter

Last book you read: “Outliers: The Story of Success” by Malcolm Gladwell

Cocktail of choice: Vodka Tonic

Favorite movie this year: “Birdman”

Your first “real” job: PR at Coppock-Meyers Public Relations


Childhood “dream job”: Catcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates

Three people you’d love to invite to dinner: John Belushi, Roberto Clemente, Howard Stern

Your next big adventure: Paris

Your ideal Saturday: Watching USC Trojans football

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