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NRPR Group Video Series Wins Gold in Hermes Creative Awards

NRPR Group, a public relations, social media marketing, and strategic positioning agency founded by Nicole Rodrigues, announce its educational video series, PRactical Guide to Publicity, received a Gold Award in the 2016 Hermes Creative Awards competition.

PRactical Guide to Publicity was created to teach C-Level executives—especially CEOs and CMOs—the true benefits of strategic PR. Rodrigues says that since these executives are most often the individuals making PR-related hiring decisions for their companies, she wanted to help those without a background in public relations understand it on a deeper level to help them make more educated PR decisions.

PRactical Guide to Publicity covers the following topics:

  • The Evolution of Public Relations: Embracing The Changes
  • Public Relations Builds Trust In Your Brand
  • The Media Landscape Is Shrinking. What Does That Mean?
  • Hire A Public Relations Pro And Let Them Do Their Job
  • Familiarize Yourself With Where You Want Coverage
  • Image Is Everything: Build, Promote And Protect It
  • Grow. Publicize. Repeat.
  • Express Yourself: Let Your Voice Be Heard
  • Help The Media Find And Understand You
  • Show Off Your Coverage
  • Great Publicity Comes With A Price Tag

NRPR Group is honored to receive a Hermes Creative Award and looks forward to expanding the video series over the following year.

PRactical Guide to Publicity was created by Rodrigues and produced by Stephen Readmond and Christopher Stanley, co-founders of The Readmond Co. The series is currently on YouTube.

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