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NRPR Group Celebrates Two Solid Years of Growth

NRPR Group (NRPR), strategic positioning agency founded by public relations and digital marketing industry veteran Nicole Rodrigues, announced massive growth in the company’s first two years, setting the foundation for an even stronger third year.

Since the company’s inception, not only has NRPR Group grown its massive client roster from zero to 40+ projects and long-term contracts, but now boasts a strong team of 14 members and continues to foster more understanding and appreciation of the public relations field to those who make public relations hiring decisions. NRPR Group is also dedicated to educate CEOs, CMOs, and others who hire public relations teams see how PR, digital media, and social media can and should work together as one cohesive ecosystem, helping each brand find the perfect mix that works for their business.

“Honestly I couldn’t have imagined we would have experienced this amount of growth in such a short amount of time,” said Rodrigues. “We have a solid roster of great clients who love and trust us, a solid group of team players who come in motivated and ready to work every single day, a digital magazine, a podcast, a newsletter, a strong social media presence, an award-winning video series and more, all created in under two years. Proud doesn’t begin to cover it. NRPR has already done amazing things and this is just the beginning.”

Having worked at agencies in northern and southern California, while creating strategies for key players in the consumer, digital entertainment, mobile and other industries, Rodrigues saw first-hand how these digitally-driven brands needed more than what traditional PR firms were offering. More tech startups, especially in the mobile space, continue to pop up in Los Angeles, and Rodrigues saw the opportunity to step up to the plate and offer a new, different PR solution for the tech, mobile, consumer products, and entertainment brands whose needs are not being met. At the same time, gaining a true understanding of how the entertainment and consumer industries are run in Los Angeles gives NRPR’s San Francisco Bay Area-based clients a competitive advantage because the Company understands how to strategically bridge the gap between Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach.

With that realization, Rodrigues founded NRPR Group in June 2014 as the first ever strategic positioning agency in Beverly Hills, using the more than 14 years of industry experience she had built up to change the way PR was done.

NRPR Group looks forward to continuing to provide top notch service to its clients and leading the PR industry in the right direction in year three.

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