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MWWPR Launches New “HerVoice” Practice Dedicated to Unique Communications Needs of Women in Leadership

MWWPR has announced the launch of “HerVoice,” a new proprietary practice focused on serving the unique needs of female leaders as they establish their internal and external profiles. HerVoice will serve as a specialty focus within MWWPR’s Corporate Reputation practice, led by executive vice president Carreen Winters, a noted expert in leadership development for C-level executives.

The HerVoice approach is based on MWWPR’s three decades of experience working with female leaders and the firm’s CEO EquityBuilder methodology, which creates CEO programs that enhance the company’s reputation among all stakeholders. HerVoice, MWWPR’s proprietary service offering, includes communications and social strategy, platform and message development, media training and program implementation services for women in leadership roles at companies across industries, and at all stages of the leadership lifecycle – from new CEO appointments to legacy building. MWWPR also offers HerVoice Launchpad, a proprietary programming tool for the first 100 days.

“As the C-Suite continues to become a She-suite, women in leadership positions have significant opportunities, but also face an additional dimension of expectations that their male counterparts rarely encounter. Questions about her ability to handle family commitments, comments about her wardrobe choices and judgments about how she treats other women inevitably enter the conversation. A strategic approach to communications programming impacts how that leader is ultimately perceived both internally and externally,” said Winters. “Accomplished women want to avoid being the ‘Pink Collar’ CEO, but also want to leverage the opportunities that their unique perspective offers. HerVoice helps leaders find the balance for their communications programs in a way that enhances their personal profiles, advances their company’s narrative and elevates their reputation.”

A recent top tier media study by MWWPR underscores the need for a strategic and distinctive approach for women in leadership roles.  A comprehensive review of feature and profile coverage of Fortune 500 CEOs reveals differences in the interest and focus of media coverage based on gender:

  • “Work/life Balance” is three times more likely to be discussed  in coverage of female CEOs compared to their male counterparts
  • While “Business Strategy” is a top topic in both male and female coverage, it is a more frequent topic in male coverage (referenced in 67% of male CEO coverage vs. 47% of female CEO coverage)
  • Female CEO coverage is just as likely to reference their  “Experience as a ‘Woman’ Leader” as it is to mention their “Business Strategy”

“The focus on women in leadership has never been stronger, or more important. Our current business and political landscapes reflect the massive shift in women taking their rightful position at the helm, but as research shows, women continue to face unique gender-based criticism and concerns about their ability to lead, said Michael Kempner, Founder and CEO of MWWPR.”I am proud that MWWPR is pioneering in our industry, by providing meaningful and effective tools that amplify the voices of female leaders to help them achieve their goals. As an agency that is heavily invested in the importance of women as leaders, we are putting a stake in the ground on this issue, not only for our clients, but for the public relations industry.”

Key areas of focus for HerVoice programs include strategic platform development, influencer engagement, social profile development, awards, lists and rankings and media strategy. In addition, MWWPR has developed a customized media and message training module for women at the highest levels of leadership. Like all C-level programs, MWWPR advocates use of an authentic voice for the leader, and consideration of the phase of the leadership and company lifecycle are key when developing a CEO program. As part of the HerVoice offering, MWWPR has developed HerVoice Launchpad, a prescriptive program planning tool for the “First 100 Days,” designed to help new leaders establish their profiles and make an immediate impact.


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