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Music Streaming Services Are Changing Consumer Preferences for Wireless Providers and Future Music Delivery

iPodWith Pandora, Spotify and now Apple all competing in the music-streaming industry, the way consumers buy and listen to their music is rapidly evolving. According to new research from MusiComms, an organization dedicated to the future of music distribution, more than 40% of respondents confirmed that they would change wireless providers if free music streaming came with their service plan.

Another striking result was that nearly 25% of consumers would buy streaming services from their automobile manufacturers. Right behind automobile manufacturer, video services provider came in with the third highest response rate at 15%. Video services provider can refer to any kind of network service provider including cable, telco, satellite or other.

MusiComms this week released the results of its 2015 Year End Consumer Preferences for Future Music Delivery Survey. The questions were provocative and the answers very telling—more than 4,000 people were asked, “How would you like to receive your music in the future?” The options for response included:

  • From their thermostat via their energy provider
  • From their accessories like exercise bracelets, earrings or sneakers
  • From their TV provider
  • From their car, streaming as part of a service with their automobile purchase

Consumers were also asked whether or not they would be more inclined to buy things if companies offered free music with purchase and whether or not they would change wireless providers if music was included.

“The numbers are very compelling and the timing is crucial,” said Juliet Shavit, president and CEO of SmartMark Communications and executive director of MusiComms, in a news release. “Consumers are telling us how they want their music delivered and what value they place on it. If I were a service provider, I would be listening intently and planning for the future based on these preferences.”

The survey results will be published in a report from MusiComms following CES 2016.

Source: Business Wire; edited by Richard Carufel

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