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Multichannel Marketing: TV and Digital Advertising Are Key Ingredients for Enterprise Companies' Marketing Mix

advertising opportunities, B2B research, Clutch, digital advertising, enterprise companies, enterprise marketing, Marketing, marketing efforts, Multichannel marketing, Pr, Public relations, R2integrated, social media presence, TV advertisingIn spite of numerous digital advertising opportunities that have emerged over the last decade, TV advertising is still the primary focus of marketing efforts for nearly one quarter (22%) of American enterprises, according to new survey results from B2B research firm Clutch and marketing agency R2integrated (R2i). Nevertheless, the study also found that nearly 85% of companies have a website, and almost 80% are active on social media—strongly suggesting that while many enterprise companies depend on digital as part of their multichannel approach, in an effort to be where their customers are, they also rely significantly on traditional forms of advertising such as TV.

“Marketers recognize a need to be fully integrated and not ignore traditional media as a way of reaching their intended audience,” said Mark Sneider, owner and president of business development firm RSW/US, in a news release. “They know digital is important and their agency is talking about it and pushing them there, but they continue to value what TV can do for the brand as one component of an entire marketing program.”

The importance of digital is not lost on enterprises, even as they set their sights on TV exposure. Brand awareness is evidently a key driver for developing the multi-channel approach as nearly 35% of marketers surveyed say that brand awareness is their top strategic priority.

Those enterprises that integrate their TV advertising message into a continuous experience across their online presence tend to report the most impactful return on investment, according to industry insiders.

“Today’s buyers expect what they see, hear, or experience on one channel to relate to their next experience with the brand,” said Natalie Staines, drector of marketing at R2i, in the release. “Research shows spikes in searches and social engagements, and sometimes direct purchases following TV advertising so it’s up to the marketer to be prepared to extend the TV experience into those other channels.”

See complete survey findings here.

The 2016 Enterprise Marketing Survey also addressed how companies work with marketing agencies and marketing technology platforms. The study involved 500 marketers at US companies with 500+ employees. About half of the survey respondents come from companies with 1000+ employees, and 88% are manager level or higher.

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