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Momentum Communications Group Retained by Philharmonia Orchestra of New York

The Philharmonia Orchestra of New York (PONY), comprised of some of New York’s finest orchestral musicians, many of whom played together previously with the New York City Opera Orchestra, retained Momentum Communications Group to introduce the new ensemble and promote its debut concerts at Lincoln Center.

“We’re trying to destroy the stuffy classical concert traditions that can make this wonderful music inaccessible to new audiences,” said Atsushi Yamada, PONY’s co-founder and principal conductor. “We retained Momentum to help us communicate our vision for how classical music should be presented to today’s audiences.”

“Launching a new orchestra is the opportunity of a lifetime,” said Jim Miller, communications director for PONY and president of Momentum Communications Group. “I grew up loving classical music, but haven’t had the opportunity to bring it into my professional life until now. I’ll always be grateful to Maestro Yamada for that. It’s thrilling to collaborate with him and his team as they bring innovations from the worlds of film and popular music to the classical concert stage.”

“We were inspired by PONY’s vision to break taboos in our marketing campaign, which we’re calling The Future is Classical,” said Miller. “It lets audiences know when you buy a ticket to a PONY concert you buy admission to an entirely new experience of a timeless masterpiece that fires on all cylinders.” The campaign integrates publicity, direct marketing, social media, advertising and experiential marketing.

“We put an emphasis on fostering open exchange between musicians and audience members,” said Momentum account executive Chris Toscano. The campaign invites the public to submit videos playing instruments for a chance to appear in a pre-concert video. Momentum also broke with tradition by commissioning New York chefs to create dishes inspired by the two symphonies. “At least ten chefs said yes, so now we’re trying to figure out exactly how to make the most of this unexpected bounty.”

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