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Modern Branding: Keeping Up with Customers, Not Competitors, is Becoming the Greatest Challenge to Brands

Accenture Interactive, Anatoly Roytman, brand challenges, customer expectations, customer experience value, digital customer experiences, high performers, liquid expectations, Marketing, modern branding, Pr, Public relationsHigh Performers Are Using Digital to Drive Higher Customer Experience Value

As customer expectations are becoming “liquid” and changing at a lightning pace, more than nine in ten companies are struggling to deliver digital customer experiences that exceed their customers’ expectations, according to a new study from Accenture Interactive that reflects the huge challenge brands are facing. The study, Expectations vs Experience: The Good, The Bad, The Opportunity, is based on a survey of 702 customer experience decision-makers from companies in 14 countries.

While 52% of all respondents said that they’re ahead of their competitors at providing digital customer experiences, only 7% said their company exceeds the expectations of their actual customers. Another 67% stated they ‘meet’ these expectations.

“Meeting customer expectations is by no means a small achievement,” said Anatoly Roytman, managing director of Accenture Interactive Europe, Africa, Middle East, Latin America, in a news release. “However, it’s not enough anymore. Customer expectations are changing faster than ever and what people learn to love in one industry increasingly defines what they expect in other areas as well—we call this ‘liquid expectations.’ It’s now your customer who’s setting the bar, not your competitor.”

Shifting expectations require companies to stay closer to customers to learn their needs and preferences directly from them. The reality is that businesses often think “inside out” and take customer experience initiatives without consulting customers directly. While 81% of all respondents believe that it is important to involve customers in customer experience efforts, only 57% actually take this “outside-in” perspective. The findings show that many companies fail at measuring what they know they should, too. For example, 90% see value in churn metrics, but less than 40% capture them.

What defines customer experience high performers
The study identified a group of customer experience high performers (18%) which scored highest across eight key metrics as a result of using digital technology to improve the customer experience. Significantly more high performers than their peers report “better than expected” outcomes for increased brand relevance, cost savings, customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, market differentiation, return on investment, revenues, scale and efficiency. Additionally, more high performers than other companies are able to at least ‘meet’ customers’ expectations (85% vs. 63%).

These outcomes parallel four distinct behaviors high performers are showing – indicating that customer experience is a mindset:

High performers’ senior executive sponsorship for customer experience initiatives is fully aligned.

  • They have adapted to a state of constant flux, treating digital customer experience transformation as an ongoing initiative rather than a project.
  • They are analytics-focused and data-driven around customer experience.
  • They have built strategic partnerships, not just vendor relationships, to help them with skills and resources they lack but need in order to continuously transform the customer experience.

These winning traits may be helping high performers stay ahead of the competition now. But the next wave of customer experience disruption is at hand, a development that Accenture calls Living Services. These are smart digital services that leverage the Internet of Things to wrap around the consumer and respond to them in real-time according to their individual needs and environments.

“The next wave of digital services will completely transform customer experience as we know it,” said Roytman. “Every business will have to truly rally around the customer and become even more digitally savvy in order to take advantage of it.”

Access the full study here.

Accenture Interactive commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey 702 customer experience decision makers from companies in 14 countries (US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, India, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and China). High performers were identified by analyzing the data with an artificial intelligence and cluster analysis solution by Accenture.

Source: Business Wire; edited by Richard Carufel

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