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Mobile App Engagement: New Metrics for Mobile Surveys, Ratings and Reviews, and Customer Interaction Rates

Apptentive, Brand loyalty, brand reputation, Customer base, Customer engagement, Customer experience, Marketing, mobile app engagement, mobile messaging, mobile metrics, mobile reviews, mobile surveys, Pr, Public relations, Robi GangulyInaugural Mobile App Engagement Report Sets New Industry Benchmarks

In a time where mobile is so important to revenue, brand reputation, loyalty and the overall customer experience, companies can’t afford to under-deliver. To meet rising expectations, it’s essential for businesses to reevaluate the metrics the industry has traditionally considered acceptable, according to new research from mobile customer engagement software firm Apptentive. The firm has released its State of Mobile App Engagement: 2016 Benchmark Report, offering insights into new ways for companies to measure the success of their apps.

Apptentive’s benchmark metrics set a new standard for the mobile industry, including average in-app survey response rate, distribution of star ratings in the app stores, customer engagement and responsiveness, and more.

Key findings:

  • Average mobile survey response rates are 13%—a large departure from the one percent industry standard currently accepted.
  • On average, companies interact with 9% of customers in their mobile app. Interactions include ratings prompts, notes, surveys, and Message Center.
  • Average mobile customer engagement rate is 62%; meaning, the majority of mobile customers respond to companies communication outreach.

“Brands have been conditioned to believe it is normal to only hear from 1% of their customers—the Mobile App Engagement Benchmark has created a new normal,” said Robi Ganguly, CEO of Apptentive, in a news release. “By leveraging the right tools, messaging at the right place and time, and respecting customers, companies can now hear from, and communicate with a much larger percentage of their customer base. This will help them create more personalized mobile experiences, and a more customer centric business in order to meet rising consumer expectations.”

To create the benchmarks, Apptentive analyzed data from nearly 1,000 of the company’s customers’ mobile apps, including both Android and iOS apps in all categories from April 2015 to April 2016. A vertical specific version of the benchmark report, which focuses on Food and Drink, Shopping, Lifestyle, Productivity and Entertainment, is also available.

Download the full report here.

Source: PRWeb; edited by Richard Carufel

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