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Millennials’ Message to Brand Communicators: “Entertain Me”—They Want More Fun Content, And Less Corporate Messaging

Boss using speaker yelling businessman balancing on sphere juggling ballsMillennials say entertainment is their leading reason to connect with brands, transcending all others when it comes to consumer validation, according to new research from digital ad agency Moosylvania. The new study reveals that Millennial cohorts prefer fun and entertaining content to news and information in their social feeds by a margin of six to one. The study also reveals the Top 100 Millennial Brands. Apple, Nike, Samsung, Sony and Microsoft lead the rankings, Moosylvania’s research finds, based on three years of Millennial research.

“Entertainment provides a natural opportunity for a brand to connect [with] shareable content,” said Norty Cohen, CEO of Moosylvania, in a news release. “These cohorts are marketing themselves, and when a brand doesn’t take itself too seriously but instead provides fun that can be shared, it works.”

Cohen said many marketers think social connectivity is an opportunity to share brand facts when, in fact, it could be a better opportunity for brand websites and other platforms.

Approximately 3,500 Millennial consumers were asked to name their three favorite brands unaided in each of the past three years. Respondents were also asked what these brands were doing to gain their loyalty. Brands that represented clothing, technology, retail and a few consumable products continued to dominate the list. In fact, Apple finished at the top each time. Rounding out the Top 15 are Nike (2); Samsung (3); Sony (4); Microsoft (5); Target (6); Amazon (7); Google (8); Walmart (9); Coca Cola (10); Nintendo (11); Forever 21 (12) Adidas (13); Jordan (14) and Pepsi (15).

“Our research over the three-year period shows the top brands that continue to perform well for this group are resilient with their marketing efforts. These brands are entertaining their consumers and making them feel or look good,” Cohen said. “Making the list doesn’t necessitate a large ad budget either. It’s more about what the brand does and how it makes the connection with the consumer. Creative, emotion-driven marketing enables any size company to drive product awareness with millions of consumers in real-time.”

Cohen also compiled the best practices of the top 100 brands in the study and found commonality in the application of “co-creation.” In other words, Millennials are participating in the brands and curating, as opposed to just consuming advertising.

Thirty percent of consumers told Moosylvania they’ll share branded content if they like it. That filter is ultimately how their friends and family learn about other brands. Endorsement is key. And, yet, the pendulum can swing the other way. When asked how much they want to see branded content in their social feeds, Millennials said no more than 10 percent. So the challenge for brands, Cohen said, is to produce the right shareable content that can include apps, videos or participatory games and contests, for example.

“Ultimately, we’re measuring loyalty—and we get there by being genuinely who these consumers can and want to relate to,” Cohen said.

Access the full report here.

Source: PR Newswire; edited by Richard Carufel

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