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Millennial Workplace: “Making an Impact” Tops the List of What Matters Most to Millennial Talent—Income Comes in Last

career priorities, company mission, Futurestep, Jeanne MacDonald, Korn Ferry, making an impact, managing Millennials, Marketing, Millennial employees, Millennial income, Millennial workers, Millennial workplace, Pr, Public relationsA newly released survey by the Futurestep division of organizational advisory firm Korn Ferry highlights what matters most to Millennial workers and offers insight into how best to manage people in this generation. In the survey of nearly 1,000 executives from around the globe, the largest percentage of respondents (28 percent) said the “ability to make an impact on the business” matters most to Millennial employees. At only 3 percent, income came in last on the list.

When asked what will make a Millennial choose one job over another, 38 percent said “visibility and buy-in to the mission and vision of the organization.”

The survey also found that consistent feedback is key to managing Millennials, with three quarters of respondents saying this generation needs more feedback than other generations. However, only 13 percent of respondents said they offered more feedback sessions to this group, and less than half offered mentorship opportunities.

“It’s clear that Millennials want to know what their organization stands for and how they can impact the company’s mission,” said Jeanne MacDonald, Futurestep president of global talent acquisition solutions, in a news release. “It is often difficult for older managers to find or take the time to offer the feedback that Millennials crave, but it is critical in helping them understand how their role fits into the greater organizational strategy.”

The survey also revealed differences in work styles, with nearly two thirds of respondents saying Millennials are less likely to work longer hours than other generations. It also found that more than half of respondents said it is equally or more important for Millennials to find a job near family than other generations.

“It’s important to note that as an archetype, Millennials will stay engaged and productive if they feel they are valued,” said MacDonald. “Bosses of other generations who feel they show their own worth by working long hours need to understand this is not the case for Millennials and respect their time on and off the job.”

When asked with which generation Millennials work best, Gen X (those born in the early 1960s to the early 1980s) and Gen Z (those born in the mid-1990s on) tied for the top spot at 44 percent each. Baby Boomers came in a distant third at 12 percent.

“Organizational leaders who understand the differences in the workstyles and preferences of employees in different generations can uncover unconscious biases to foster greater collaboration and success,” said MacDonald.

Korn Ferry Futurestep Survey: Millennials in the Workplace

The online survey of executives was fielded from June 7-June 20, 2016, and had nearly 900 responses. Due to rounding, not all percentages add up to 100 percent.

What matters most to your millennial employees?
·      Ability to make an impact on the business ·      28 percent
·      Work/life balance ·      26 percent
·      Development/ongoing feedback ·      15 percent
·      Values of your organization ·      10 percent
·      Clear path for advancement ·      9 percent
·      Fun friendly workplace ·      9 percent
·      Income ·      3 percent
Compared to other generations, how willing are Millennials to work longer / hours weekends?
·      Much more willing ·      10 percent
·      Somewhat more willing ·      9 percent
·      Equally willing ·      19 percent
·      Somewhat less willing ·      40 percent
·      Much less willing ·      22 percent
What’s the top reason a Millennial will choose one job over another?
·      Visibility and buy-in into the mission / vision of the organization ·      38 percent
·      Clear path for advancement ·      29 percent
·      Title and pay ·      18 percent
·      Location / ability to stay near family ·      7 percent
·      Location / ability to get away from family ·      1 percent
·      Reputation of the company ·      6 percent
Compared to other generations, how much feedback do Millennials need?
·      A lot more feedback ·      44 Percent
·      Somewhat more feedback ·      33 percent
·      About the same amount of feedback ·      10 percent
·      Somewhat less feedback ·      9 percent
·      A lot less feedback ·      3 percent
What is the top way your company develops your Millennial employees differently than older employees?
·      More feedback sessions ·      13 percent
·      More internal training programs ·      17 percent
·      Mentorships ·      47 percent
·      We don’t develop millennials differently ·      24 percent
With which generation do Millennials work best?
·      Boomers (those born between 1946 and the early 1960s) ·      12 percent
·      Gen X (those born in the early 1960s to the early 1980s) ·      44 percent
·      Gen Z (those born in the mid-90s onwards) ·      44 percent
Compared to other generations, how important is it for Millennials to find a job near family?
·      Much more important ·      19 percent
·      Somewhat more important ·      20 percent
·      Equally important ·      17 percent
·      Somewhat less important ·      27 percent
·      Not as important ·      18 percent

Source: PR Newswire; edited by Richard Carufel

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