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Millennial Messaging: Study Finds 62% of Millennials Feel Useful, Personalized Content Drives Brand Loyalty

3/4 of Respondents Credit a Great Product with Determining Brand Affinity

Content marketing platform NewsCred has announced the results of its new quantitative millennial research study, The Millennial Mind: How Content Drives Brand Loyalty, revealing that educational, truthful and personalized content has a strong influence on U.S. Millennials’ brand loyalty and purchase behaviors.

The results show that nearly two thirds (62%) of those surveyed feel that online content drives their loyalty to a brand—yet the content they’re receiving is turning them off by not helping them navigate their everyday problems, being too long, sales-driven, and not tailoring messaging to individual cultural interests.

However, only 12% of respondents declared their active dislike for marketing communications—showing that personalized, funny, intelligent and helpful content marketing has an open door to drive Millennials’ loyalty and purchase decisions.

“Millennials today value quality over quantity when it comes to content marketing. Our survey data shows that the most important driver of brand loyalty for millennials is a great product at 77%, followed closely by brand recognition and trust at 69%. To me, this is an awesome sign for brands,” said Shafqat Islam, CEO and co-founder of NewsCred, in a news release. “Millennials don’t want to have to work to find the value in a sea of sales messages. Brands can earn Millennials’ trust, loyalty and share of wallet with the right content—but they need to invest in being a helpful partner that respects the characteristics, interests and qualities that make each Millennial unique.”

The results show that U.S. Millennials are especially receptive to content directly from brands, potentially even more so than content from their friends. Among the key findings:

  • Millennials are most commonly interacting with brands via social media (49%) or a brand’s owned websites (54%).
  • Social endorsements, once considered a leading driver in brand awareness and customer acquisition, were shown to have a smaller impact than expected in the study. Only 26% of respondents said they prefer brands their friends use, while 30% shared that they like branded content their friends share and that it helps them discover new content.
  • The majority of Millennials (52%) did cite content’s relevancy to their circle of friends as a motivator in sharing content themselves.

Based on the data, it’s clear that Millennials look to branded content to gain knowledge and be entertained—whether seeking out information to solve a particular challenge unique to themselves or looking to access a short piece of content for a laugh, purchase decisions are predicated on content being interesting and educational (35%) as well as authentic and truthful without being sales-y (31%).

NewsCred’s Millennial Mind study surveyed 501 U.S. millennials and was conducted by MBC Research in October 2014. Download the full study here.

Source: Business Wire; edited by Richard Carufel

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