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Measurement Shortcomings: Viewability Metrics Limitations Are Curtailing Marketers’ Ability to Measure Ad-Placement Success

ad placements, brand KPIs, Digital media, Jerem Febvre, Marketing, marketing metrics, measurement shortcomings, measurement standards, Pr, Public relations, skin-based advertising, Sublime Skinz, Theorem, VCPM, viewable impressionsSkin-based advertising firm Sublime Skinz, in partnership with digital media company Theorem, this week announced results of a new study that found 56% of marketers are now using VCPM (cost per viewable impression) to assess the success of their ad placements—but while the majority of respondents reported that this new benchmark is a sufficient baseline, the study revealed that there are still significant limitations to the current measurement standards and more progress still needs to be made.

The study, conducted by Theorem for Sublime Skinz, was able to quantify the commercial importance of viewability based on a survey of its panel, which includes executives at both agencies (buy-side) and publishers (sell-side). More than half of the panelists reported that they now use viewability as a key metric for campaign measurement.

However, 52% of those surveyed also cited a lack of consistency of viewability measurement across vendors as a key challenge to the further development of the marketplace. Specifically, the report found that current metrics are not yet able to consistently capture viewability for non-standard ad units—units that panelists said were among the most effective for brand campaigns. Three quarters (75%) of respondents said it was important to address the lack of measurement for these units and that they are reluctant to invest in more innovative creative executions because they are not included in current standards.

Some of these same non-standard executions also tend to be the ones that are the most effective for branding campaigns. The study found that a combination of low intrusiveness and high impact, with executions such as skins, yielded the best results for marketers. These units however, while scalable, are not currently measured consistently.

Furthermore, participants in the study maintained that, while viewability was an important start, it was only the beginning of measuring key brand campaign metrics. 86% of panelists believe that the market should be placing as much focus on other brand metrics, including engagement, brand lift and brand recall as they do on viewability. Respondents also stated a need for those campaign metrics to align with core branding KPIs.

“Momentum behind viewability as a trading metric is accelerating and the need for consistent standards to measure this across all vendors and ad formats is essential to propel the marketplace forward and drive further innovation in brand campaigns,” said Jerem Febvre, co-founder and COO of Sublime Skinz, in a news release. “Moreover, we’ve learned that some of the units with the greatest impact are not yet properly measured, and brands—and the marketplace—will be stymied until a wider set of metrics that aligns with true brand KPIs is adopted.”

Source: Marketwired; edited by Richard Carufel

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