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Marketers’ Use of Location Insights is Expanding, But Real-Time, Location-Based Ads Raise Data Accuracy, Transparency Concerns

Brand equity, Customer experience, data-centric marketing, engaging consumers, location data, marketer strategies, Marketing, marketing measurement and attribution, marketing spend, marketing targeting, Mobile Marketing Association, Pr, Public relationsWhen engaging consumers via mobile, the most personal of devices, marketers are advancing their strategies, says a new report from the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), which reveals a significant increase in spend and use of more data-centric approaches that impact ad delivery and creative.

While most marketers use location data for social and search, more than half of marketers polled are now leveraging location for targeting—and marketers who have increased spend are becoming more sophisticated in using location for driving brand equity and customer experience vs. just leads and sales. Marketers who gained confidence by leveraging location for increasing foot traffic now focus on applying the learnings for brand insights, measurement and attribution.

On the flip side, small spenders—those that self-reported spending less than 8 percent of their digital marketing budget on mobile—are slower to adopt location tools, and are less confident in their mobile efforts.

Marketers cited data quality and transparency (40 percent) and creating understandable differentiation among providers (39 percent) as top concerns. Data quality and reach are key factors when buying location targeting.

“While targeting is still the key application for location, marketers are beginning to see the value in the data captured for insights, measurement and attribution. They all now see location data as valuable for driving both brand equity and customer experience, not just leads and sales,” said Sheryl Daija, chief strategy officer at MMA, in a news release. “However with an increase in adoption and value recognition, they expressed some concern around data quality and transparency and a lack of clear differentiation among providers. Both issues are important agenda items for the MMA and the Location committee to continue to address, and we applaud the location providers for asking the tough questions.”

The report also alludes to some differences between these marketers and their agency counterparts:

  • More brands perceive mobile as critical: Nearly two thirds of marketers report mobile is critical to their marketing strategy, vs. only half of agency respondents indicating mobile is critical to their strategy.
  • Brands trust data more: Marketers report that they are more likely to trust data and results than agencies. The brands surveyed also report that they are aligning that data with their business KPIs, vs. the agency focus on campaign performance metrics.
  • Marketers seek reach, while agencies are more divided: More than half of marketers reported that they are willing to sacrifice some precision for research, vs. only 43 percent of agency leaders. In return, agency leaders are slightly more inclined to sacrifice some research for precision.

“This research clearly demonstrates that mobile marketing is rapidly moving up the location data adoption curve,” said Vikas Gupta, vice president of strategy at location data firm Factual, in the release. ‘Location has moved from a niche tactic to an underlying data layer that marketers are using with increasing sophistication for targeting, measurement, analytics, and insights.”

Download the full report here.

The Location Data Study is the first MMA offering on the subject. The study is based on surveys and interviews with more than 400 brand leaders and senior agency executives. Supporting the research, Factual served as the primary report sponsor with participation from Digital Element, Dstillery, PlaceIQ, Plexure, Skyhook Wireless, Teralytics, Thinknear by Telenav, Ubimo, Verve Mobile, xAd.

Source: PRWeb; edited by Richard Carufel

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