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Madison Logic Expands Activate ABM to Include Groundbreaking Measurement and Attribution Analytics

Madison Logic, the global leader in Account Based Marketing, announced that account based marketing platform Activate ABM is more effective than ever in driving ROI for marketers with the launch of its new attribution and engagement analytics.

Activate ABM provides B2B marketers with the most comprehensive account based marketing solution, combining targeted advertising, and content syndication to influence prospective accounts. By identifying the most active accounts, the platform empowers marketers to focus on the accounts that are researching their products, allowing them to target prospects with the messaging that is both relevant and timely, while attributing success to these account based tactics in real-time.

“Because my first concern is generating demand and ultimately leads for PGi, the ability to understand what accounts are actively researching within our category is a powerful proposition,” said Cheryl Hanley, Senior Director of Demand Generation at PGi. “With Activate ABM, I can prioritize my accounts and target those that are most active with display advertising and content syndication, all of which keeps our brand in front of those accounts and drives more qualified leads for my sales team.”

Madison Logic’s platform now provides unprecedented attribution and engagement metrics for account based marketing programs. Marketers can now see how their accounts are engaging with their content and optimize their programs in real-time to drive success. The platform measures the amount of time an account spends with specific content and attributes that exposure to engagement on a website, driving demand—and ultimately leads—to fill the sales pipeline.

“With these insights, B2B marketers can now better optimize targeted advertising and content syndication tactics to influence their prospects and ultimately drive revenue,” said Madison Logic CEO Tom O’Regan. “Activate ABM™ provides visibility into how two previously siloed tactics work together to drive product awareness and pipeline.”

Madison Logic’s Activate ABM powers the best recipe for success combining targeted advertising (Native, Video, Display) and content syndication. This mix drives the highest ROI on marketing dollars in terms of lead velocity, sales readiness, conversions, and average order value.

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