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Inside the C-Suite: The Marketing/Technology Relationship is Improving, But Execs’ Commitment to Digital Transformation Is Low

aligning marketing and technology, alignment drivers, customer-centric, digital transformation, inside the C-suite, Jason Wadler, Leapfrog Marketing Institute, Marketing, marketing tech integration, Pr, Public relationsOnly 32 percent of marketing and tech executives believe the C-suite is significantly committed to digital transformation at their organizations, according to the Leapfrog Marketing Institute’s 2016 CMO Digital Benchmark Study. In addition, the study reveals that strong top management and shared incentives are key drivers in aligning marketing and technology. These findings suggest a path forward in tackling the current challenges for enterprises in driving organizational change to become more digital and customer-centric.

“The marketing-technology relationship is improving, which truly is great to see. But the entire C-suite needs to step up and define shared incentives for these teams to be fully aligned, which is essential for companies to adapt and succeed in a rapidly changing digital world,” said Jason Wadler, chair of the Leapfrog Marketing Institute and EVP of Leapfrog Online, in a news release.

Last year’s CMO Digital Benchmark Study found that marketing and tech professionals lacked shared goals and incentives. Given that this misalignment is a broader organizational issue, this year’s study explores the impact of the C-suite on digital transformation, engagement and cross-functional alignment. It also continues to examine trends from senior marketing and IT executives in the areas of mobile and omnichannel, as well as the CMO-CIO relationship.

Key findings include:

Core Benchmarks 

  • Mobile continues to be the weakest sales channel, even with a 30% lift from last year.
  • For marketers, proving ROI is still twice as important as brand awareness metrics in terms of importance.

Marketing/Technology Relationship—More than 90% of marketing-technology executives report a lift in alignment since last year.

  • 61% technology/50% marketing executives report an increase in shared incentives and metrics this year, compared to 37% for both groups in 2015.

Organizational Transformation and C-suite Leadership 

  • Only 1/3 of executives reported that the C-suite is highly committed to digital transformation.
  • About 1/4 of executives stated the C-suite views customer-centric strategies as extremely important.

Download the full report here.

The Leapfrog Marketing Institute surveyed 198 US executives who serve at the director level or higher—65 percent in marketing functions and 35 percent in IT functions. The 2016 CMO Digital Benchmark Survey was prepared, fielded and analyzed for the Leapfrog Marketing Institute by Northwestern University Adjunct Professor Jim Carey, former VP of Customer Strategy for McDonald’s USA Fred Ehle and former EVP/CIO and CTO of McKesson Randy Spratt, all of whom are members of Leapfrog Marketing Institute’s Advisory Panel.

Source: PRWeb; edited by Richard Carufel

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