Influential Leadership, Unique Approach and Savvy Media Relations Propel NRPR Group to Big Results in Its First Year

NRPR-LogoIf you want to know what zero to 100 looks like in a little over one year, pay close attention to NRPR Group, a new but influential and results-driven agency headquartered in Beverly Hills, Calif. With its founder Nicole Rodrigues’ PR roots originally grounded in the Silicon Valley area, NRPR prides itself on bridging the gap between the technology and entertainment industries in a way both Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area were craving. And built on the premise that employee care is just as important as client care, Rodrigues focuses on mentorship media and client relations above all else.

A different kind of agency: NRPR Group is not a typical public relations firm. The team sees themselves as a group of hybrid publicists, content creators, strategic marketers and creative minds—they understand the value of combining content PR with strategic social activity, and clients are reaping the benefits. The agency is just over the one-year mark and is hitting its stride, going from zero to 23 clients, as well as projects and seven employees in no time flat. The firm’s accomplishments and quick industry rise earned a Gold Award in the “New Agency of the Year” category in Bulldog Reporter’s 2015 Stars of PR Awards.

Nicole Rodrigues

Nicole Rodrigues

”One of the biggest challenges for today’s PR professionals is making your story or client stand out from the rest of the media noise,” says Rodrigues. “People consume news everywhere—via social media, TV, radio, websites, etc. With so much information being thrown at both reporters and consumers it’s important to stand out. My colleagues and I overcome this by making sure we create solid messaging around how our clients stand out and differentiate from competitors. This way, we can tailor pitches specifically to reporters who cover a specific beat, without making them feel like we’re pitching the same type of story time and again.”

Developing influence: NRPR is quickly building a name for itself, gaining strong media exposure for the agency and its founder from day one. Just months after launching the agency, Rodrigues was approached to be a “Business Insider” on a nationally syndicated radio show, “Business Rockstars.” Shortly thereafter, she was inspired to create her own radio show, “PRfect Pitch,” on WSRadio Network, which helps PR, marketing and media professionals step up their game by incorporating best practices and developing better relationships. Over the last year, the agency has garnered coverage in multiple blogs, outlets and publications.

Rodrigues and her team aim to be pioneers who have evolved with the changing times. NRPR Group considers itself a strategic positioning agency—making its home in Beverly Hills, CA to service clients in the heart of Silicon Beach because tech isn’t always easy for entertainment PR professionals, and entertainment isn’t always easy for tech pros—and they get it! The agency’s services help businesses, celebrities, entertainment companies, consumer products, apps of all kinds and more. From start-up to grown up, the team is dedicated to helping clients reach their business objectives through strategic positioning, digital marketing and killer media relations.

Rodrigues points to these key attributes that she says define her approach:

  • Creativity: “I always try to think of creative ways to pitch my clients and their announcements. Being creative is a key attribute for PR professionals as we’re always writing. In order to make that writing exciting, it’s important to let your creative side out.”
  • Proactivity: “In PR, being proactive is a key attribute of our jobs. I’m proactive with media and within my agency. This can be anything from sending a proactive pitch because a reporter wrote an article relevant to my client, or sharing a helpful tip or article with my team. I’m always keeping an eye out for news to stay on top of everything for clients.”
  • Flexibility: “No matter what gets thrown at me throughout the day, I’m always flexible. In PR, the day you had planned never turns out the way you imagine. Our workload is constantly changing, so it’s important to be flexible so you can quickly adapt to whatever is happening throughout the day.”

Pitching done right: One practice the firm firmly embraces is targeted pitching—media alert blasting and pitch blasting isn’t allowed. Every pitch is targeted, strategic and reviewed by a member of the team before it’s sent. Why? Because quality over quantity is why media appreciate them!

NRPR 1“When approaching and building rapport with media or influencers, I make sure to always do my homework first,” says Rodrigues. “For reporters, I’ll read past articles they’ve written to gain an understanding of not only topics they cover, but the type of stories they typically write (trend or hard news) and their writing style. Additionally, I’ll check out their social media profiles to gain more insight into their lives and interests. This way, when I send them a pitch via email, I know it’s targeted and my story or client is a good fit for their publication.”

Secrets of Success: Rodrigues offers the following recommendations to help her PR colleagues achieve similar goals and accolades:

  • Never give up: “This sounds cheesy, but it’s true. If your goal is to become BFFs with the editor at Forbes or Cosmo and they don’t respond to your first pitch—keep trying. If you know your story is a perfect fit, don’t give up.”
  • Attention to detail is everything:  “As PR professionals, we’re often trying to do 10 things at once, and one minor mistake can make a big difference—trust me, I’ve learned the hard way. Before sending an email to a client or reporter, or shooting that press release off to your manager—always re-read your work before sharing! Double-checking and reviewing your work before sending can ensure you’ve caught any spelling/grammar mistakes, and that all names, dates, numbers, etc. are correct.”
  • Be willing to go above and beyond: “Whether for a client, a member of the media or a team member, always be willing to go the extra mile to make their jobs easier. Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Richard Carufel

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