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How to Become A Successful Blogger—It Takes More Than Great Content

blog following, blog publishing, blog writing, Blogger, blogging strategy, Gary Dek, growing your blog, Internet marketing, Marketing, Pr, PR writing, Public relationsBy Gary Dek, Internet Marketer

Every blogger’s goal is to amass readers that will bring in steady traffic over time. Many new bloggers believe that this starts with amazing content that readers will not be able to resist. Unfortunately, they find out the hard way that content alone isn’t enough to make a blog successful and make money.

If you’re seeing no increase in visitors even though you’ve been blogging for a while and getting some traffic from Google, then it’s time to rethink your blogging strategy. Chances are that you are missing something fundamental to your blog’s growth that’s easy to fix. Ultimately, what you need to do is understand how to grow your blog by using your current audience as a foundation.

Here are a few tips to growing your blog and becoming a successful blogger.

Create A Loyal Following

If you’re using one of the best blog sites to become a professional blogger, after a few months, you should already have some visitors. The next step is to build upon these to convert them to loyal readers.

The first thing you need to do is to have a plan. You want to build a following? You need to have measurable goals and how to reach them. Take a look at these elements of creating a regular readership.

Set Goals

When setting goals, be specific and avoid generic, unquantifiable phrases like “I want to be popular.” Instead, set goals such as the following:

  • X posts published per week
  • X outreach emails per week
  • X unique visits per month
  • X dollars in revenue per month
  • X social shares per post

You can then analyze your performance by measuring your goals and making necessary adjustments.

Build an Email List

One way to turn one-time visitors into repeats is to build an email list. Use this list to send regular updates when new posts are published, weekly newsletters to remind readers of your blog, or one-time emails for special news or offers. Sending follow up emails reminds readers about your blog, but more than that, you offer them content that will entice them to visit your blog again.

An efficient way to build your email list is to use a WordPress plugin that displays a popup box inviting a visitor to sign up. Choose a plugin that offers easy integration with an email marketing service like AWeber or MailChimp. To make it effective, write a strong call to action and offer a free resource for signing up.

Be Organized

Being organized involves publishing posts on a schedule. Identify which days you will publish and follow that schedule. Many of the best blogs online follow a Monday through Thursday editorial schedule, with Thursday afternoons and all of Fridays reserved mostly for social media updates. This makes sense since Thursdays and Friday often see the highest engagement rates.

It is not easy to write high-quality content day after day, so in order to facilitate this, create a repository of ideas where you can “deposit” topics each time you think of one. You can then “withdraw” topics when you need to write.

Build A Bond With Your Readers

You’ve established the foundation, but don’t stop there. Continue to build and nurture a bond with your audience to further grow your blog.

Find What Makes You Unique

Writing is a skill, and not all bloggers are equal in this regard. You may not know all the grammar and writing rules, but that doesn’t mean you can’t craft a piece that tens of thousands of readers will appreciate and find useful.

In fact, research shows that readers prefer to read conversational style posts with easy words and short sentences. Furthermore, the most popular blogs almost always incorporate some personal anecdotes and immerse themselves and their experiences in their blog posts.

While there may be millions of blogs online, you’ll be surprised at how readers will become loyal followers if they are able to relate to your style and personality.

Be Yourself and Experiment

Finding your style often means being in touch with who you really are – knowing your true nature and sharing it honestly with your readers.

Strengthen your bond with your audience by showing them your personality. Consider how you think and behave offline, and don’t hesitate to show that in your blog. If you try to hide that, the chances are that your writing will be stilted. Your audience will not fail to recognize your disingenuous online persona, and that is likely to turn them off.

Ultimately, you want your readers to think of you as a friend because there nothing like connecting with readers on a personal level to nurture a deeper relationship. Share tiny, but real, details about you that are relevant to your blog. However, always evaluate how much you feel comfortable sharing because once it’s out there, it may never become private again.

Devote Time to Social Media

Go beyond your blog to grow your audience. At this point, there is no arguing the fact social media is integral to blogging success.

However, to really make the most of social media, don’t forget the human component. It’s not all about sharing content. You need your readers to engage and interact with your profiles and updates to improve and grow your reach. Another way to do so is to let them know you are accessible, and that you are more than happy to have conversations with them.

Optimize your social media efforts by focusing on one or two platforms where your audience is active, and once you’ve established a strong presence there, encourage your followers to connect with you via other mediums.

The ultimate goal is to get your readers to stay with you every step of the way and become your brand ambassadors. This you can achieve by building a community, a virtual venue where everyone feels they are part of a family.

While writing irresistibly useful content is essential to the success of your blog, you’ll get nowhere without your community.

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