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Greteman Group Promotes Meghan Smith to Art Director

Meghan Smith, a graphic designer at Greteman Group, has been promoted to art director. Smith joined Greteman full time in 2013 after completing a one-year internship.

“Meghan exemplifies creative excellence,” says Sonia Greteman, agency president and creative director. “She takes complex ideas and transforms them into compelling, powerful visuals that promote understanding, drive engagement and build brand loyalty. She is more than ready for this next step in her professional journey.”

Smith assumes added responsibilities in her new role – mentoring junior graphic designers and leading creative projects. For Smith, the opportunity to create, design and direct as a career, is a dream come true. She describes the job as destiny.

“I come from a creative family with relatives in every field from songwriting to painting to interior design,” Smith says. “I always knew I was destined for the arts and a career that let me tap into my creativity. I was born to be an art director.”

When it comes to designing, Smith said that she finds inspiration in her travels, especially abroad. Most recently, she has been to England, Cuba, Ireland and Mexico.

“Travel helps me see from a new perspective, to absorb diverse cultures and to appreciate other aesthetics and art forms,” says Smith. “I find myself looking for hidden designs, when I am working, to draw them out and build upon them for something new, yet organic.”

Eager and ready to take her place in the design world, Smith says, “Design isn’t just making things pretty. It has the power to change hearts and minds, to cause us to sit up and take notice, to spur us to action. It can be a force for good.”

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