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Gould+Partners Announces Release of ‘Doing It The Right Way: 13 Crucial Steps For A Successful PR Agency Merger or Acquisition’

Gould+Partners, which specializes in PR and ad agency mergers and acquisitions, announced the release of “Doing It The Right Way: 13 Crucial Steps For A Successful PR Agency Merger or Acquisition,” by Rick Gould, CPA, J.D., managing partner of the firm that bears his name.

The how-to book provides In-depth guidance for how PR agency owners can boost their profitability, enhance their valuations and execute a successful sale.


The 13 steps featured in the book run the PR M&A gamut, from what PR owners need to do once they commit to a sale to how to understand the needs of potential buyers to how to structure a sale that’s a win-win for both buyers and sellers. The book also provides guidance on the alternate roles of the CEO and CFO, in the context of a sale, and how to match the vision of the seller with the vision of the buyer.

“There have been so many inquiries by PR and Ad agency CEOs and prospective sellers seeking counsel and clarification on statements they read in blogs, articles and water cooler conversation about how a firm is valued and the critical ingredients of a sale transaction, and a lot of what I heard was hearsay and just plain wrong,” said Gould, who established Gould+Partners in 2001. ”In the book I share my knowledge on the right way to do PR M&A and explain the models that have been accepted among savvy buyers and well-respected M&A attorneys.”

Gould, who shares a wealth of M&A tips and advice, also offers PR agency owners several checklists designed to guide them through the entire process of selling a PR agency. These checklists include types of PR agency buyers, action and business plans, how to build trust, as well as key financial metrics associated with M&As.

The book officially will be released in May and will be available via Amazon.comAll profits from this edition of the book will be donated to kids charities.

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