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GoldieBlox Hires Kenny Davis as Chief Marketing Officer, Jenna Boyd as Chief Content Officer and Jennifer Rahardjanoto as Creative Director

Children’s multimedia company, GoldieBlox, announced the expansion of its entertainment and marketing teams with the hiring of Kenny Davis (Chief Marketing Officer), Jenna Boyd (Chief Content Officer) and Jennifer Rahardjanoto (Creative Director). Davis, Boyd and Rahardjanoto each specialize in launching new children’s entertainment properties for companies like Hasbro, Nickelodeon and Mattel.

As CMO, Davis brings to his new role more than 20 years of experience leading creative teams and launching new I.P. in the form of children’s television shows, video games and toys. Prior to GoldieBlox, Davis led a portfolio of new and re-imagined, high tech brands for Hasbro as Senior Director, Global Marketing.

As CCO, Boyd will focus on storytelling and creating content for the GoldieBlox brand through written, animated and live action content for kids across multiple distribution channels. As a 20-year veteran of the kids’ entertainment business, Boyd began her career in kids’ content as an intern at Nickelodeon as the studio’s Senior Vice President of Animation Development.

As Creative Director, Rahardjanoto’s role is to bring the GoldieBlox brand to life through story, color and design. Rahardjanoto’s past roles include Marketing Creative Director at Playstudios and Art Director at Mattel.

“GoldieBlox is putting forth a model for girl empowerment in the 21st Century,” said Davis. “Our stories, our characters and our toys help girls find their strengths and unleash their potential. Our CEO, Debbie Sterling, serves as a role model as well; a visionary inventor who started her own toy and entertainment company. As CMO, I hope to add to the message that both men and women support Debbie in her goal of empowering girls to learn, create and discover their potential.”

Davis, Boyd and Rahardjanoto will play key roles in expanding GoldieBlox’s presence across media and product categories.

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