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Giant Spoon Taps Into Amazon's Alexa For Marketers

Amazon’s Echo, the innovative hardware and software product designed to bring true voice control to the home, has received exciting buzz surrounding its implications for home automation, shopping, and entertainment. In tapping into this platform for marketers and with the belief that brand stories can come to life anywhere and everywhere, creative agency Giant Spoon has created the first ever advertising agency app on the Amazon Echo platform, in order to educate and entertain clients, marketers, and industry influentials.

Anyone with an Amazon Echo can simply add the “Giant Spoon” Skill and trigger the app with their voice. With voice being the new frontier of interactive experiences and with an open platform like Echo, brands have a major opportunity to play in a new environment with a revolutionary creative canvas.

The agency never stops looking for its next platform for creativity. Its clients are faced with constant change, and in witnessing this as an opportunity, Giant Spoon hopes its new Amazon Echo app serves as inspiration to tell brand stories on Alexa (and maybe make a few people laugh along the way.)

To download the “Giant Spoon” Skill, Amazon Echo owners can visit the companion app on their smartphones, open “Skills” (essentially the App Store for Echo), search for “Giant Spoon”.

Once enabled, users can communicate with their Echo with the following commands:

  • “Alexa, ask Giant Spoon for an idea.”
  • “Alexa, ask Giant Spoon for advice.”
  • “Alexa, ask Giant Spoon for help brainstorming.”

These commands will initiate over 50 different advertising and marketing ideas created by Giant Spoon. Be forewarned, the ideas themselves are one part insane, one part out-of-the-box, and boatloads of fun. Imagine these sample ideas read by a computerized voice:

  • “Appeal to snakepeople. Oops, I mean millennials.”
  • “Subtly promise consumers eternal youth.”
  • “Just tell your agency you want something like the ice bucket challenge, or batkid, or the Call Me Maybe lip syncing craze. Good luck with that.”
  • “Just call Shingy. He’ll know what to do.”
  • “Think glocal act lobal.”
  • “Hire the Damn Daniel guy. But first build a time machine to go back to the one day that was relevant.”
  • “Google search to find the newest social media platform. Then get on it.”
  • “Hire Tony Hawk to skateboard into the hearts and minds of your target audience.”
  • “A branded food truck. But, sexier.”

Following the launch, Giant Spoon will be sending a notice to all clients showcasing the new Echo app and offering to build custom experiences on the platform for brands. This is a continuation of an intelligence series Giant Spoon provides for clients. Additionally, Giant Spoon will create continuous social content around the app on Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.

Password: GiantSpoon

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