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“Generation Edge” Enters Workforce with Different Expectations & Concerns, Reshaping the Future of the Workforce

Pr, Marketing, Public relations, leadership challenges, Generation Z, workplace communication, work-life balance, workforce of the future, work preferences, BridgeWorks, Generation Edgers, post-Millennials, workplace gender, workplace MillennialsThe oldest group of Gen Edgers—the post-Millennial generation born after 1995—are graduating from college and entering their first full-time positions. From work-life balance to communication to gender, Gen Edgers are poised to enter the workforce with differing expectations and hesitations from generations past.

Workplace consulting firm BridgeWorks recently conducted a survey with 3,103 participants consisting of individuals from Generation Z (aka: Gen Edge) and Millennials, revealing new insights into the work styles and preferences of Generation Z as compared to Millennials. Findings showcase how leadership can better anticipate their arrival, and how Generation Edge will shape the workforce of the future.

Significant findings on Generation Z

  • Workplace Communication: 74% of Gen Edgers said they will struggle with in-person communication at work
  • Gender Identity: 50% of Gen Edge females believe their gender identity will be an obstacle in their career path, whereas only 16% of Gen Edge males say the same
  • Female Leaders: 90% of Gen Edgers (94% female, 73% male) would like to see more female leaders in the workforce, significantly more Millennials
  • Technology: More than a quarter of Gen Z would give up technology for 6 months if it was guaranteed that they could have their dream job
  • Workplace Tenure: Nearly a third (32%) of all Gen Edge said they’d plan to stay working at one company for 11+ years
  • Defining Professional Success: Gen Edgers, defined success in their professional lives as creating societal impact, including working for a company that takes a stand in social issues they care about and making a difference at work
  • Workplace Confidence: When asked about their confidence in being a leader within five years of working at a company, 73% of Gen Edge males felt it would be true, whereas only 53% of Gen Edge females agreed

BridgeWorks’ teaches that Gen Edgers will need to mold and adapt to the workforce, but the future of the workforce will evolve in accordance with the newest generation as well. According to BridgeWorks’ survey, Gen Edgers will influence company loyalty, the role of work in their lives, female leadership, and confidence in being a leader.

Get more information on the survey here.

Source: Marketwired; edited by Richard Carufel

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