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DeVries Global Announces Deluxe Global Network to Deliver Specialist Teams around the World

DeVries Global, an international communications firm specializing in consumer marketing, unveiled the DELUXE Global Network, a fresh approach to client service design, with a summit in New York City. The three-day event, April 24-26, will be attended by global business leaders and agency partners and will feature a variety of industry experts, authors and speakers to foster strategic collaboration and boost creative output for key clients.

The DELUXE model is modular and designed to enable speed and flexibility in addressing specialized client needs: geographies, capabilities and expertise. The DELUXE Network is built with top talent from DeVries hubs located in New York, London, Beijing, Taipei and Singapore and might include partnerships with other IPG agencies, and/or alliances with top independent specialty communications agencies in additional markets. The inaugural DELUXE Network comprises five beauty and prestige partner agencies, including Nota Bene (Spain & Portugal), On Point PR (Italy), Flare Communications (Hong Kong), Tomorrowland Group (Australia) and Impact PR (New Zealand).

“DELUXE was created to serve clients in a way that begins with their unique needs, and the desire for best-in-class service across every market,” said Heidi Hovland, Chief Executive Officer, DeVries Global. “Our culture has collaboration at its core, and we are passionate about disrupting traditional models to deliver exceptional results for our clients’ businesses, and our own. And the approach is working … we’ve seen strong double-digit growth in the first quarter of 2017 and have robust momentum going into second-half.”

The DELUXE Global Network provides multiple benefits for partners, and aims to deliver superior client service through increased efficiency, stronger collaboration and innovative end-to-end ideas. “We pride ourselves on delivering unique client experiences,” said Ivette Sanz Osso, Chief Operating Officer, DeVries Global. “Through this new model, we can quickly identify and deploy highly specialized talent in a way that is not only fast, but efficient and scalable. We’re already seeing how this approach is driving stronger work and client satisfaction.”

In addition to DELUXE, DeVries has developed a bespoke client proposition called DeVries+ that combines the client-centric, agile DNA of DeVries with the powerful backbone of IPG.

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