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Despite Strong Job Satisfaction, Nearly Half of Digital Media Employees Are Ready to Switch Jobs Within a Year

Succesful businessman on the top of the businessNearly half (44%) of employees in the digital media and advertising industry are ready to leave their jobs within the next year or less, according to new research from digital advertising software firm Centro, which recently published a workplace satisfaction survey. The survey also found that 34% of workers have had three or more jobs in the past five years—despite the fact that 57% of those surveyed are either ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with their jobs; and 65% percent say their jobs ‘absolutely’ meaningfully contribute to their companies.

Workplace satisfaction, happiness and retention is a challenge for industries that experience high competition for talent, such as digital media. Centro worked with the research team at media publication and events company Digiday to gauge the sentiments and uncover the most pressing issues of nearly 400 digital media professionals. The survey found that:

  • Nearly half of respondents (45%) cite ‘amount of resources and tools’ as the most challenging aspect of their job, followed by ‘work/life balance’ (25%).
  • 42% log into 4-6 software platforms (excluding MS Office and email); 29% use 7 or more.
  • Majority of employees (66%) work 40-60 hours each week, with 60% saying they are expect to be connected (via communications tech) during non-official work hours (late night, weekends).

“Advertising is a people business that relies on distinctly human contributions: ideas, creativity, connection, storytelling,” said Kelly Wenzel, CMO of Centro, in a news release. “This is the reason Centro focused our research on the state of today’s digital labor—the lifeblood of our business. What better way to gauge the future of our space than to understand the mindset of the people who power it. The data tells us that job satisfaction is not yet a crisis, but there are growing concerns that could balloon if we don’t face the issues at hand.”

Ad Tech Only ‘Somewhat Helpful’

Technology should be relied upon to assuage the strain of managing information for growing industries. In the case of advertising technology, mediocrity seems to be the norm, as 77% of respondents claim that ad tech partners are ‘somewhat helpful,’ ‘not too helpful,’ or worse. The survey uncovered other areas of stress:

  • On any given campaign, nearly 40% of respondents say they work with four or more ad tech partners; and 56% work with one to three.
  • When ranking the most time-consuming tasks, respondents say it is ‘analysis and optimization,’ then ‘planning and buying,’ then ‘reporting.’

Download the complete report here.

Centro conducted its survey in conjunction with Digiday in October 2015, sampling an audience ranging from associates and managers to VPs and C-level executives at brands, agencies and publishers.

Source: Marketwired; edited by Richard Carufel

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