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Deepwater Disaster Finger-Pointing Continues as Halliburton Files Suit Against BP, Claiming Defamation and Negligent Misrepresentation: Energy Services Firm Alleges BP Provided “Inaccurate Information” Prior To Halliburton's Well Work

American energy services giant Halliburton has filed a suit against BP for defamation and negligent misrepresentation over the catastrophic 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. An official inquiry found that faulty cementing contributed to the disaster, and now Halliburton claims BP gave it inaccurate information before the services company did work lining the well with cement. The amount of damages Halliburton is seeking has not been disclosed. "Halliburton remains confident that all the work it performed… was completed in accordance with BP’s specifications for its well construction plan and instructions, and that Halliburton is fully indemnified under the contract," the company said in a statement. BP, on the other hand, said that should the case come to court, they would "vigorously contest the claims." A BP statement says: "We believe this lawsuit is the latest attempt by Halliburton to divert attention from its role in the Deepwater Horizon tragedy and its failure to meet its responsibilities, and to deflect all blame to BP. We have accepted responsibility for our role in the disaster, and are paying costs and compensation. In contrast Halliburton has refused to take any responsibility or accountability at all," the company added, BBC News reports.

Halliburton’s statement says it has "filed claims against BP in Texas state court for negligent misrepresentation, business disparagement and defamation" related to the Deepwater Horizon disaster. "Halliburton has learned that BP provided Halliburton inaccurate information about the actual location of hydrocarbon zones in the well. The actual location of the hydrocarbon zones is critical information required prior to performing cementing services and is necessary to achieve desired cement placement," Halliburton said, BBC News reports.

But BP proposes that all the companies involved, which also includes Transocean, share a role in the disaster. "Investigations published so far have concluded that multiple parties contributed to the incident, including Halliburton," BP’s statement included, according to the BBC article.

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