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Decker Communications Now Offers Spanish Language Trainings Worldwide

¿Hablas español? Decker Communications Inc., a global business communication training, coaching and consulting firm, is proud to finally be able to answer that question, “¡Sí!”

Since 1979, the hallmark of Decker Communications has been in-person communication training experiences for C-suite executives and their teams at Fortune 500 companies, leading nonprofits and startups across the globe. Until last week, all of its programs have been led in English.

Decker conducted its first immersive trainings in Spanish in Mexico City and Buenos Aires, and they were met with rave reviews. Participants rated the programs with an overall score of 9.55 out of 10. Moreover, every participant was extremely eager to recommend the course to others. The trainings yielded a net promoter score of 92.8.

“There continues to be demand for communication training from our multinational clients with strong presence in Latin America, and I’m thrilled that for the first time in our thirty-eight years, we can coach and teach in Spanish,” explained Ben Decker, CEO of Decker Communications and co-author of Communicate to Influence: How to Inspire Your Audience to Action (McGraw-Hill, 2015). “Moving people from information to influence is such an important shift – it’s what drives action, motivates people and helps close deals. Influence drives change in every language.”

Communicate to Influence is Decker’s signature training program, a two-day course that uses video feedback and private coaching to transform the communications experience. Using The Decker Method, participants focus on both their behavioral skills and content. Additionally, the course teaches how to use The Decker Grid, a time-tested, proprietary framework to prepare listener-focused messages that influence and even inspire. The course is geared for business leaders, or anyone who wants to climb up the ranks, reach out, change a process or influence the world.

The program may be tailored to help native Spanish speakers work more effectively when doing business in English, or provide them with skills when they work in their local markets, for example, when sales people sell products in Spanish. It is also offered in a one-day, express version.

“Latin America is a rapidly growing region, and I am excited to lead Decker into this geography,” remarked Maurice Teffel, Senior Program Leader at Decker Communications and ATA-certified translator. Leveraging his twenty years of experience, Teffel translated the materials for the Latin American Markets, with customized differentiation for Mexico and Argentinian markets. He also developed a version that caters to the US Hispanic market, using a pan-regional form of the language, for professionals living in the United States. Teffel also led Decker’s inaugural Communicate to Influence program in Mexico City, as well as the program in Buenos Aires.

Individuals can still sign up to take the Communicate to Influence training at Decker’s office in New York City and its global headquarters in San Francisco. At this time, these open enrollment courses will continue to be taught in English.

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