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Dallas-Based Pitch PR Launches to Support City's Growing Entrepreneurial Scene

The Dallas Entrepreneur Center (DEC) has partnered with Dallas-based TrizCom Public Relations to open Pitch PR ( This unique partnership, a first for the city, will enable members of the Dallas entrepreneurial scene to benefit from public relations experts. Pitch PR’s understanding of this emerging and vibrant market will support the business development its clients while engaging the media through unique PR strategies.

“Entrepreneurs have limited resources in their quest to become ‘the next big thing,’ and by being lock-step with the culture and pace of the DEC and local entrepreneurs, Pitch PR will help emerging, early funded companies navigate through the mass media to build brand awareness, a need which all startups have in common. We firmly believe that, especially in early stages, founders are their own best spokespeople. Our hope is we can provide the expertise and insight necessary for entrepreneurs to gain news coverage and increase perception of their brand,” said Jo Trizila, president and CEO of TrizCom PR.

“Companies may start off only needing guidance, a PR coach once in a while, help on messaging, or a communications plan,” she continued. “Or, they may be at the stage where they require more of a full-service agency experience. In every instance, our goal is to grow with our clients.”
For each startup, individualized attention and different public relations service levels are available to help draw new customers to the business while at the same time engaging influencers and potential investors, and seeding future growth.

These three fee-based levels (ranging from entry-points of $150 and up) of service are: Entry, Working and Professional.

The Plans

Entry Level

  • Attend a PR basics workshop designed for entrepreneurs looking to win positive media coverage and learn what to do with it once they have won it.  Workshop includes outline of PR best practices, templates for a PR tool kit, case studies and Q&A with Pitch PR.
  • This process also includes a half-hour follow-up consultation with an expert PR professional from the Pitch PR team.

Working Level

  • Attend a PR basics workshop (see above).
  • Preliminary public relations plan to identify target media and goals (e.g. feature story in a daily newspaper).
  • Identify a solid, newsworthy PR angle for client to pitch.
  • Develop one press release aligned with above PR angle.
  • Track and clip coverage to build leverage through social media

Professional Level

  • Attend a PR basics workshop.
  • Preliminary public relations plan to identify target media and goals.
  • Identify local and national newsworthy PR angles.
  • Develop one press release a month (three-month minimum).
  • Distribution through TrizCom’s social media and wires.
  • Active PR campaign (including direct outreach to journalists).
  • Hyper-focused pitching.
  • Deliver national media queries to position the company and leadership as experts.
  • Track and clip coverage to build leverage through social media.

Dallas-based entrepreneurs who have completed an initial round of funding and believe they are ready for an increase in media coverage are ideal candidates for Pitch PR’s services.

“This partnership will give entrepreneurs in North Texas an edge over their competition. By having a personalized public relations team on-site, we will be able to offer strategic insight to companies in the entrepreneurial community to get their message out and to the public,” said DEC Co-Founder and CEO Trey Bowles.

Leading the on-site efforts of Pitch PR will be newly appointed Vice President Martin Stein. Stein comes to Pitch PR with experience in public relations and social media marketing for a wide variety of clients, ranging from award-winning tech startups and cutting-edge digital currency groups to major Las Vegas nightclubs and even an international online dating corporation.

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