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Content Creators Still Rely on Distribution Tech to Drive Personalization: Are They Investing In the Wrong Technology?

content creators, content technology, content distribution, Rapt MediaWhy Aren’t We Focusing on Better Content Creation Tech Instead?

Personalization and deeper engagement are both the top priorities and greatest challenges for content marketing creatives—but they aren’t thinking about engagement measurement when creating content, according to new research from video technology firm Rapt Media, which recently released its new report, The Future of Content: Personalizing the Content Experience.

Despite the fact that most content creators know that personalization is paramount to content today, and understanding that better content technology is the key to driving deeper engagement, the majority of content marketers plan to invest in content distribution and management technologies instead.

Rapt Media surveyed marketing creatives to better understand the challenges, priorities and technology investments associated with the evolving content marketing ecosystem, as well as whether measurement of the content they produce is a priority for them.

Key findings from the content creation survey include:

  • 83% say developing content that’s personalized enough is their biggest challenge
  • 94% say better content tech is key to creating content that’s personalized and engaging
  • 81% say increased engagement is key to securing content tech investment
  • 77% say linking performance data with content is not important
  • 86% say they are not held accountable for business metrics from content they produce
  • The majority say their companies are investing in content distribution and management tech

The study demonstrated that, despite acknowledging that the personalization of content is the key to engaging consumers, marketers are simply relying on distribution technology and “push” marketing to do the heavy lifting of personalization instead of relying on emerging content creation technologies to customize content at the point of creation.

“Marketers are starting to pay close attention to ‘push’ vs. ‘pull’ content, as content marketing is fundamentally different than brand or awareness advertising,” said Erika Trautman, founder and CEO of Rapt Media, in a news release. “Consumers increasingly want to seek out content they can explore instead of being delivered ‘one size fits all’ content. So the approach to creating content, the prioritization of personalization, and the technologies invested in to get consumers to engage must also evolve.”

The survey findings also revealed that the reason this deeper engagement isn’t being sought is perhaps because measuring engagement is not top of mind for creatives, who said that linking performance data to content was not a priority for them, and many were not even being held accountable for content performance. But deeper, more precise measurements and analytics, pulled straight from the content itself as a result of creating truly personalized content, provides creatives with the insights needed to produce even better content for the target audience. By linking performance data with content, it creates a win for both the customer and the creative: better, more meaningful content for the customer, and the business case to continue to invest in content for the creative.

“Personalization has to be prioritized from the moment content is created. It must be created with the ability for consumers to navigate, explore and customize it to their personal preferences and interests,” Trautman said. “Emerging content technology is the key to creating a new kind of customer-centric experience that also allows marketers to glean deep analytics from the content, understand its effectiveness, and optimize it for better performance.”

Download the complete report here.

Source: Business Wire; edited by Richard Carufel

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