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Competing with Amazon: Personalization is the Most Powerful Way to Differentiate Your Brand

Customize Ideas Identity Individuality Innovation Personalize Concept40 Percent of Retailers Indicate that Personalization is a Top Digital Priority

Personalization has gone well beyond simple marketing to demographic groups, customer segments or even personas—and new research shows it is more than simply greeting a customer by name when they walk in the store or merely offering product recommendations on your website. According to a new special report from Boston Retail Partners (BRP), personalization is not just a trend—it is a critical way for retailers to differentiate their brand to compete against companies like Amazon, says the firm’s new report, Personalizing the Customer Experience.

“Consumers’ constant ability to shop and easily research products and prices has made it imperative for retailers—especially those with brick and mortar locations – to find creative ways to entice customers into the store,” said Jeff Neville, vice president at BRP, in a news release. “The best and most powerful way to do this is through personalization.”

Personalization encapsulates all the details that make your customer’s shopping experience unique to her. It involves knowing your customer and understanding her past purchases and current interests, but it also encompasses how the experience itself meets the customer’s needs for a personalized product or service.

Consumers want a personalized experience and retailers are focused on improving their personalized services. While 40% of retailers say they are focused on personalization as a top digital priority, many are not currently offering the personalized services consumers expect, the research reveals. The good news is that retailers have big plans to improve these services over the next few years.

Download the complete report here.

This special report provides insight into BRP’s 2016 Digital Commerce Survey, highlighting personalization and the potential methods available for today’s retailers to deliver the optimal customer experience. The three major areas of personalization covered in this report include: personalized in-store experience, curated shopping and personalized products.

Source: PRWeb; edited by Richard Carufel

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