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Clarity Coverdale Fury Hires Six, Promotes One

Clarity Coverdale Fury hired six new employees, including an Assistant Art Director (Becca Dietz), an Account Coordinator (Madeline Hasler), an Assistant Media Planner (Walter Kaplan) and Media Planner (Max Forster), Brand Development Supervisor (Robin Pfeifer) and Director of Business Development (Karen Schultz).

“In a very dynamic marketplace we continue to adapt to industry disruptions and stay ahead of the game for our clients,” said Rob Rankin, Clarity Coverdale Fury President. He added, “Our hiring strategy not only aligns with our core capabilities, but what’s next on the horizon for marketing communications. The new members of our team will help our clients and Clarity Coverdale Fury move successfully into the future.”

Dietz and Hasler were both previously interns at Clarity Coverdale Fury, while Forster, Pfeifer and Schultz come from other agency backgrounds; Mediaspace, Olson and Gage respectively.

Clarity Coverdale Fury also promoted Amy Fox to Brand Development and Training Supervisor.

“Our hirings and internal promotions reflect our commitment to the industries we currently serve, Health and Wellness, Tourism and CPG, while also focusing on our client needs in the traditional and digital space,” said Diane Ethier, Clarity Coverdale Fury COO, EVP Media. She emphasized, “Data and digital continue to move the dial and we are fiercely staying ahead of the trends. Digital is driving the media spend in the U.S. By 2018 it will be over 40% of media spending.”

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