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Cause Marketing for Brand Reputation and Profit: New NCCS Report Demonstrates the Benefits of Business/Charity Partnerships

lady beg something with colorful nails, heart like shape of handsCause marketing continues to grow annually as consumers increasingly seek to spend their money with businesses that are intentional about impacting people and communities. More than 90% of consumers say in surveys that they are more likely to trust and do business with companies that support causes. Cause sponsorship is predicted to reach $1.92 billion this year, up 3.7% from 2014.

The multiple benefits of partnerships between charities and businesses are examined in a new white paper published by The National Children’s Cancer Society (NCCS), a nonprofit organization helping children with cancer and their families from diagnosis to survivorship.

“Cause marketing is an important source of revenue for the organization, but it also helps enhance the brand of the for-profit,” said Lori Millner, vice president of marketing for the NCCS, in a news release. “Research has shown that if there are like products or services, supporters of a cause will choose the company that supports a cause they are passionate about.”

The NCCS started aligning its efforts with businesses in 1995 and has continued to grow its cause marketing program, forming partnerships with a variety of corporations and vendors. The white paper examines the details of the partnerships with several of them, including Nationwide Insurance, Best Western, Agelity and Bank of America.

The paper also highlights several key ways charities can execute cause marketing, including the use of digital channels, special events and message focused campaigns, and looks at ways other companies have used those avenues to raise donations and increase businesses.

The NCCS has partnerships with a number of businesses, including financial institutions, a major hotel chain and a national insurance company. It also has licensing agreements with thrift store operators and vending machine companies throughout the country. The paper demonstrates how these partnerships, with a shared goal of generating revenue to support children with cancer and their families, financially benefit both partners as well as consumers.

The mission of The National Children’s Cancer Society is to provide emotional, financial and educational support to children with cancer, their families and survivors. To learn more about the NCCS and its support services, visit To read all articles and white papers published by the NCCS, visit The National Children’s Cancer Society is a 501C(3) organization that has provided more than $62 million in direct financial assistance to more than 38,000 children with cancer.

Source: PRWeb; edited by Richard Carufel

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