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Capturing “Mobile Moments”: 55% of In-Store Mobile Interactions Directly Impact Purchase Decisions

consumer expectations, in-store mobile usage, in-store routines, inMarket, Marketing, mobile moments, omnichannel experiences, Pr, Public relations, purchase decisions, purchase-related mobile use, shopping experiences, Todd DipaolaJust Eight Percent Occur via Retailers’ Own Apps, Four Percent Involve Social

Mobile moments—defined as anytime a person consults their phone for information—play a clear and powerful role in shoppers’ in-store routines, according to a new study from beacon platform inMarket.

The research identified three prevailing use-cases of mobile use while in-store: Shopping activities (55 percent), messaging unrelated to shopping (14 percent) and listening to music (12 percent)—in other words, shoppers are three times more likely to use their phones for a purchase-related task vs. other tasks.

“Since we launched inMarket in 2010, we’ve watched mobile usage skyrocket in stores and tangibly impact purchase decisions as consumers’ expectations have moved to omnichannel experiences. With this study, we sought to learn what drives consumers’ mobile usage in store—and what’s having the biggest impact,” said Todd Dipaola, CEO of inMarket, in a news release. “Today, it’s clear—people aren’t using social or gaming in stores. They’re using the device as a concierge tool to improve shopping experiences and decisions.”

Shopping activities were defined as using a shopping list, reviews, recipes or price comparison app, or communicating about what to purchase. Among shoppers who were using mobile to help their purchase decision, 28 percent were actively looking at their shopping list on their phone, while 14 percent were texting or calling someone about what to buy.

Only eight percent of shoppers were using a retailer’s own app in the respective store, magnifying retailers’ continued challenge to find the right digital conduit to their customers when it matters most.

Messaging unrelated to shopping—the second highest in-store use-case—included both SMS and apps, but did not include social media platforms. Social media on its own accounted for just four percent of in-store mobile usage. Similarly, mobile games and podcasts accounted for just one percent of mobile moments each. While social, gaming and podcasts are hugely popular mobile use-cases outside of the store, there are indications that in-store is a different environment where consumers are focused on the shopping task at hand.

Targeting mobile moments in-store, including through location tools like beacons, have grown in interest and budget for major advertisers, with brands Heineken, Energizer and Clorox running in-store mobile campaigns leading to measurable ROI in 2016.

The firm’s research examined a sample of 2,500 shoppers from July through September.

Source: PR Newswire; edited by Richard Carufel

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